Take my advice on red lipstick if you want to





RUBY WOO by MAC - this very matte lipstick will be on every single list of best red lipsticks on every list everywhere because why? It is really one of the best because it’s a good colour that generally suits all skin tones and it stays put. But I tell you something, it is drying as all hell. You need a ton of lip balm and I also recommend a little lubrication over the top of it. Great product but dries rock hard on your lips.



RED DRAGON LIP PENCIL by NARS is a fantastic product because it doubles as a liner and lipstick plus, it goes on creamy and dries matte and doesn’t bleed and go on your teeth! Lipstick on teeth is such a pain in the vulva.




The Kate Moss lipsticks by RIMMEL are pretty good. The best red is shade number 10. Look, I bought this because I forgot my lipstick at home when I went on a work trip and I needed a cheapie. It does the job…good colour and all that but it is extremely creamy which means it comes off quite easily. So when you need to powder your lips first, apply lipliner and constantly touch up it makes you wonder how cheap it works out in the end after all.



Poppy Cream by Elizabeth Arden is the tits. Ok, MAC and NARS and the like are great, trendy brands who do fantastic product however, do no forget the classics. Chanel, Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder, Lancome etc These guys have been around for a long time and they know whats up. Plus, rumour has it that Marilyn Monroe wore this lipstick, so yeah.




Ravish Me Red by Revlon is one of my favourites because it is a more subtle red for day time…you know how it is. I also love the packaging. I love that gold and the whole Cindy Crawford supermodel nineties-esque vibe of it all. When I actually preen at my dressing table then I like to use Revlon products. I dunno, it just suits my vibe.

Anyone else got something to add to the list?



  1. Hayley

    The lip colours at Lush are amazing. They’ve got a few shades of red, “decisive” is the closest colour to the ones you’ve mentioned. They’re vegan, super conditioning and barely need touching once applied.

  2. c.esbenshade

    Urban decay ‘f-bomb’- and avoid anything 2-step, all day lasting etc. feels horrible and flakes like mad. Both of which are utterly unsexy for a lip shade that’s all about sex appeal.

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