And that’s a wrap! (No, really this time)


It’s hard to let go because we cling to what was. A point in time when everything felt like that is how it was going to be forever. But nothing is forever except change. Contrary to what we might think, as the things around us evolve, so do we. And for a while…a long while…I resisted and fought like change was a rapist or something. But I am hear to tell you that I lost the fight and the rapist turned out to be a lover.

So after feeling silly, I felt a little sad. And then? Well…let’s just say I felt the love. And with that came joy and with THAT came clarity and with THAT came……’ll see 😉

So this is me, The Obnoxious Owl aka The Owl aka Tammy Croucher, signing off this chapter for real this time.

Lots of love and remember, wear a condom.





3 Comments on And that’s a wrap! (No, really this time)

  1. Good luck. Thanks for all the laughs. I’ll miss reading your post. You’re very talented.

  2. Hey Tammy,

    Good luck with everything! I’ve enjoyed reading your site over the years and wish you all the happiness and success. :)

  3. Hey Tammy, Nate from Perth, formerly …I wrapped up my old website too.. good things don’t last forever. Thanks for the entertainment, I’m a little slow at checking this site, but hey, I hope wherever you are life is treating you well. Take care, lady.

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