The gutter is where I keep my mind…it likes it there

It always amuses me that at no matter what age you are…swear words and using different words for private parts and sex is funny, hell I’ve based a blog on it! So one morning after a party in East London, I was stood in the kitchen quenching my thirst and gazing at the poetic refrigerator in this magnificent share house. I smirked as I took the photos (which are a bit ropey as it was 9am and I hadn’t slept yet) because these little magnetic words have been put together by adults. We just can’t help ourselves! Bear in mind, many of these would have been put together at around 3am at, um peak hour. So look on…and marvel.

A little nonsensical but I can see where they were going with this. The ‘happy enough’ makes me laugh too, I can image someone just sliding this together quickly whilst waiting for the kettle to boil.

Where does one even start with this…oh I know, ‘ample johnson‘ – it’s just ridiculously eloquent.

Wish I was mate…

What a wonderful way of saying it hey?

I seriously doubt it does.

It’s funny, ’cause I doubt a girl did this one. And someone started with ‘eat my’ but then realised it was a little too literal and obvious…at least I’m hoping. Like, you couldn’t put ‘pussy’ on the end of that could you? It’s all about using dirty words that aren’t dirty innit?

‘she would like such wild and salty attention’ – oh darling, you read my mind.

‘tuna garden’ ? 

Aww, someone was obvs on a come down…

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