The Obnoxious Owl Experience – A Blur of Weeks

I say it’s a blur because there are a combo of London and recent pics here from my dog and bone. I KNOW I’m still banging on about my trip…this will be the last I speak of it. I will keep the memories for myself whilst I cry myself to sleep every night. I mean FUCK, I lived there for 7 years you know?! Go easy on a girl….plus they have poppy’s just growing randomly all over the place…

Does Perth have poppy’s? I don’t think they do. Does Perth have Chocolate Fudge Brownie FRIJJ milkshakes?

I don’t think they do. Plus my new friend Mark aka ‘poppet’ is in the smoke. And I miss him…

He also wears Jumanji tshirts…and I ain’t seen no fucker in Perth wear a Jumanji tshirt. Nor do we have strawberry cider …which, by the way, is as sparkly and delicious as it sounds. It also gets you blind wasted.

This is me taking a photo of my Glastonbury arm band thingo on the tube…I only removed it about a week ago…OK an hour ago. I’m having detachment issues. Can you tell?

This is my little friend Asha (she really is little, like she could probs be fixed to the wall with those dolls and not look out of place)

I wasn’t sure where this cat had come from when I made my way to bed one morning after a particularly large night out. The sudden appearance of a feline has the tendency to make a person feel very vulnerable…not to mention confused.

This cat has mad shit all over the Smoke. Stay tuned for the chat I had with INKFETISH
It wasn’t all about London, I headed north for a bit too and took this quite wonderful photograph of my best mate Dave at a restaurant in Liverpool…

How indie of me. Correction: it would be way more indie if I polarised this shit.

The Alibi is a club in Dalston where I did some of my best work…’work’ being: Dance moves. Hilarious Banter. Obnoxious Owl sticker placement. The infliction of general charm and it is also where I had the pleasure of the company of the most wonderful gentleman…he really was the proverbial cherry on my London Sponge Cake.

Look carefully and you will see a butterfly scoping out the bling…it was in fact ‘fantastic value’
Speaking of value, meet my buddy Luke…

Bloody hell, that table could do with a bit of a dust innit?!


This wouldn’t be a real blog without a hint of narcissism. I thought I’d share this outfit with you because I was quite proud of it. I love clashing prints at the moment and that denim jacket I bought from French Connection about 7 years ago. I also appear to have no neck. The skateboard was not strategically placed there for an urban feel…I’m just urban naturally. Take these Air Max 90s for example …

I have many pairs in a rainbow of colours, but these ‘Fruit Tingle’ 90’s I got in 08 are my staple. I’ve been rocking the shit out of them of late, I don’t even check where I’m walking anymore. I used to try and keep them well clean and squeaky, but now I kinda like that they’re lookin a bit ratty round the edges. It sorta goes with my new steeze I’m tryna channel for the summer. Pink nineties hair, white trainers, washed out shirts and fanny packs…aka ‘vadge bags’.

I took this pic in a nail salon while I was waiting for my appointment, for 2 reasons…1) I love that Sonia Rykiel has a fragrance out, but I’m kinda sick of the ‘indie skinny girl with her top off’ thing that seems to be the new black and; 2) my thighs look a bit hot encased in these fishnets, and hopefully some potential sex of a boy will notice and fill my inbox with love. That wasn’t a metaphor.

Just look at this vintage nightie I copped at Camden market for a tenner…this little number is gonna get a hammering this summer. Micky has mad wheels, no wonder Minnie taps that.

See what I did there? Well gangsta.


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  1. I think Perth only has poppies when its Anzac day. Now that you've brought it up – I dont know where the hell they get them from! haha

  2. Fake. Gotta be x

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