The Obnoxious Owl Experience: Another week, Another Dollar

Without any further ado I bring you THESE puppies…

Firstly, I wanna congratulate Cadburys for thinking of a way in making the Creme Egg a staple on our confectionery shelves, and not just for when the bunny drops them off in April.  Well done you purple mentalists!  It’s the Creme Egg Twister!  I thought of so many funny/rude/crude/hilarious punchlines for this creamy log but I didn’t wanna be all obvious and shit.  And while you’re looking at it, check out my new nailzzzzzzzz.  I was totes inspired by this picture …

This is me (obviously) with a radical tshirt on (obviously) at a pub (obviously).  The pub is the ever cool yet over policed EZRA POUND  in Northbridge here in Perth.  Saying that, they do long necks for super cheap and the art by old mates from LAST CHANCE  is dope.  My girl Beck took this photograph…drunk I might add.  Eurgh, I miss my long hair. I had it cut last week to above my shoulders and now I think I look like Rosie O Donnel. Grow mother fucker!  I NEED HAIR GROWTH TIPS!!!  How do you reckon the Portuguese do it?  I’m only half pork and cheese…so I don’t fully know.

Also, look at the pic I chose for my desktop at work!!!

Kill me.  Kill me now.

And a view of my feet.  Thought you might like it.  God this post is so boring.  Do you hate me now?  Please don’t.  These are some pretty fly Air Max I got from Footlocker in Dalston Laaaaaaaaaaandon.  They are kids size 4 and they fit.  And also, they are incredulous.

Sozz for being boring.  I’ll talk about jizz loads next time I promise x

4 Comments on The Obnoxious Owl Experience: Another week, Another Dollar

  1. loving your nails girl. apparently pre-natal vitamins are good for nice hair, i don't think they actually make your hair grow faster but they make it stronger/shiny or something. idk, just get extensions 😉

  2. Thanks mama. I've never used extensions! I'm scared :( x

  3. Anonymous // 2010-11-26 at 9:53 AM // Reply

    you look so adorable, oh owl. I really like you

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