The Obnoxious Owl Experience: Its all a blur

I’m fooling myself and leading you astray when I say this is a week in pictures because it’s NOT. It’s just when I’ve kind of stored enough crap on my phone that warrants unleashing. Speaking of my phone…I dropped it in the toilet. It died for 24 hours, then it worked again for 2 days then it died good and proper on the weekend. So I am phoneless. I am also manless. And moneyless. And to top it all off, because of this heat wave we are experiencing I am constantly oily and sweaty and it is causing Zitney Spears to world tour on my forehead. WIN!  Get in line boys!  I’ll tell you what is a plus though, THIS outfit…

Yup I know, I amaze even myself. Yes that is Donald and Daisy Duck on my jumpsuit. It also says ‘disco’ all over it in Mexican and it has a little holder for pens on the top pocket. Obviously.  The self photo in the mirror is a little slant face-o-rama but don’t act like you don’t do it. Thank you and good evening.  I wore this to the Laneway festival and THIS to Big Day Out…

Um. Yes. Perfect outfit photo if you ask me. The 90s look good though. As does my trusty chain which I will probs be buried in. ANYWAY moving right along…new nails did!

I’m a bit over my nails to be honest.  I’m not as experimental as I once was. I thought I was over them so I ripped them all off. 10 minutes later I booked an appointment. *sigh* I guess I’m stuck with them.  But do expect a shake up.

I haven’t really been going out much, I have been working working working and working…my desk has had more action than I have…

Monday…HARVEST BOX delivered

At around $6.95 they deliver a delicious array of healthy snacks to your desk twice a week. Dried fruit and various other bird food. It’s actually been a God send otherwise I’d be living off sweet chili Grain Waves every single God damn day.

Tuesday…Got some new paper clips.  Just constant rock n roll round here.

Wednesday…organizing samples for the trade fair. Yes I work in fashion wholesale. And yes those are giant buttons that are actually brooches.

Thursday…chocolate to help me through to Friday

Friday…(more food) a delicious breakfast of avocado, cream cheese and tomato on sour dough toast and an iced coffee.  All from Cabin Fever, our little coffee shop downstairs. Yummo!

Yes I’m aware I need to get a life. And I’m about to. Don’t you worry your pretty little feathers about it 😉 x

6 Comments on The Obnoxious Owl Experience: Its all a blur

  1. Anonymous // 2011-02-28 at 8:17 PM // Reply

    have you tried blowdrying your phone battery for a good 15 minutes? i dropped mine in my dog's bowl once. blowdrying worked.

  2. I left it in rice would you believe, and it worked! Then it died. Anyway, I joined the masses and copped an iPhone :/

  3. I have those yummy boxes delivered…only in the UK they're Graze boxes. Same packaging etc so clearly us over here/you over there wouldn't have brought into it with the other name. Strange times. I see nothing wrong with Harvest box.

    Also, that jumpsuit is awesome.

  4. Graze boxes sounds better!

  5. Anonymous // 2011-03-06 at 5:00 PM // Reply

    Heads up Owl :) Don't mean to dampen your day but that harvest box can hardly be considered 'healthy'. Dried fruit is so loaded with sugar (without the fibre that you get in fresh fruit) that you may as well just shovel some jelly babies down your throat. Save you some money and your health.

  6. It's gotta be better than Kinder Surprise! Those toys are hard to digest :/

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