The Obnoxious Owl Experience: My first week in Melbourne

Relocation Relocation! I have been here for 7 days now…and I think I love it.  It’s almost as though the ‘everything is going to be OK’ fairy came down and sprinkled her magic dust on my ass. It has been FREEZING  which I guess I should be used to because of my long stint in the UK but hot damn I have obviously acclimatised to Western Australian sunshine.  But never mind, if that’s the only negative thing I have to report on the place then I am pretty lucky. I have no idea where anything is, I have no idea how to get anywhere and I am the new kid on the block but I DON’T CARE! Everyone I have met so far have been stupidly nice and welcoming.
This is the view from my apartment…

I scored on the digs…its amazing PLUS my room mate is a spunk and super nice. Result! We live above a cafe that sells cupcakes with edible glitter. Yeah I know.

Did I mention that its cold? This is me being cold eating my first Melbourne laksa. Actually, my first EVER laksa. I loved it. I did a bit of shopping today and bought some warmer clothes…exhibit A…

Um, yes I got some knickers. I also got wool tights, leggings and jeans. But how cute are these?! 30 dolla for 5 baby!

These are some gloves my mum bought me. They’re suede with gold studs. I have been wearing them every single day!

Did you read my post about moving?  How I said I only packed 10 boxes? Well this is the only jewellery that made the cut! Mum says I have the same taste as the Pope. The Pope must be a G!!

I took this photo when I was walking to visit my new lovely friend Alex on Saturday.  I am loving walking everywhere! My car is still in transit but to be honest, walking is fun because everything is just so darn pretty round here. Everything is coming up roses people!

My first glass of red on my first weekend here bought for me by my friend Jules. I look stupid but I don’t care. And I also don’t care about the winter wardrobe because I will be tropical to the day I die!

Cheers to you Melbs! xx

(sorry for the show and tell, I’m not nearly as cool as I make out to be)

10 Comments on The Obnoxious Owl Experience: My first week in Melbourne

  1. Thats So cool tams!! Glad your happy :)) Miss you xxx

  2. yay. go melbourne!

  3. YES! I am worried that the whole laksa for lunch everyday thing will wear pretty thin soon. stop calling chester babez. he hates it.

  4. Twice is not everyday thank you very much!!!

  5. Oh I miss eating laksa in Melb! Eat some for me! :)

  6. welcome to melbourne babe!

  7. So happy for you! Looks like you're having fun and I'm certainly looking forward to more posts about life in Melbourne.
    And you'll be happy to know I'm just ordered some Lime Crime lipsticks!!!

  8. Cheakodaman // 2011-05-25 at 4:30 PM // Reply

    Hav a rockin time in Melbourne!I miss thon place…Have a ball princess x

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