The Obnoxious Owl Experience – Week 3

FYI – The whole ‘Obnoxious Owl Experience’ week thing is not sequential (in case you were wondering). My Nokia 6700 captured a few rad things this week. Mainly me, but then, I’m pretty rad innit? But not as radical as THESE!!!!
Check out this lil baba’s kicks yo! I took this photo in the cosmetic department at Myer because I was spellbound by the bling and frilly socks..kinda cool, but not exactly blog worthy….UNTIL her mama said ‘Watch this’ and clicked little one’s heels together and they started lighting up like Christmas lights! Those are not diamante you are peeping, them be incy wincy light bulbs! I’m well jel.
Yup. That is British Vogue. The only Vogue I read, or should I say CAN read, else I’d be all over it’s French mate like a whore during fleet week.
Speaking of whores, how whorish are these tights I copped? Definitely bringing all the boys to the yard.
I met up with some homies for coffee, cheesecake and pool at GREENS in Leederville on Wednesday (I think it was Wednesday) and was momentarily amused by the paper lanterns. (for those who don’t know I have a weird obsession for paper lanterns)
Aaah so dreamy. Fuck I’m arty.
The highlight of my week was my much anticipated trip to Sydney where I partied hardy with this fiery ball of trouble Miss Sarah Jane Owen
Fuck I love this bird. It was like the ghetto queens of East and West making shit happen for 2 days (yes I just said queens, what of it?) It was so much fun catching up and quite frankly, I didn’t wanna leave. SJ is a lady to look out for, especially if you are into US brands such as Hellz, Dimepiece, MOB, Cubannie links, Joyrich etc etc then you will be flustered to know that she is launching an online only store within the next couple of weeks where you can cop said amazingness…keep checking in on or follow it on twitter. This broad has so much charisma and flair which has caused her to be safely folded into my nest of homegirls. Especially when quotes like, ‘I’d let Chris Brown smack me around’ are thrown about – haha. I’m fucking down.
We drove around on Sunday arvo (with hangovers from Satan himself) in her 1987 red BMW beamer listening to Rude Boy, hooting at hot boys and checking out this kind of dopeness…
Fuck yeah. Increds stuff by Numskull
Not only does she show me a mental time in Syd city, but she throws some freestyles my way…
Now I’m an air max girl, but I could get used to these. (the stuffed cow ain’t mine)
Look out for some more Owl and Lady SJ collab in the future. Shits getting real xx

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  1. Love yer blog…. but just so you know, a 'beamer' is a bmw… so you don't actually have to write a bmw beamer….

  2. cant believe SJ taxed my 'i'd take a punch from chris brown' call !

    lots of love from the lockdown, we wish u were here! x

  3. I wants to be there! Haha Gracie, it's a great call. And lets be honest, we are all thinking it xx

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