The Obnoxious Owl Experience: Weekilinks

So we’re knee deep in December…there are more fake Santa’s than you could shake a stick at, Oprah is in town and Facebook had a face lift…can’t decide if I’m feeling it yet, however the old one used to be the new one as well…if you know what I mean.  Social network overhauls aside, this was my week …

First off, I had my thigh ingrained all tropical and shit …

And that’s not regrowth you are peeping, it’s the ink in my pores OK? I have legs like a babies ass.  So yeah, I go me a pineapple.  There’s a little story to it…but I feel lame for going on about it, so if I see you remind me to tell you, otherwise…it’s just a pineapple on my thigh.  Now let’s talk about them naaillzzzzzzzz…here’s a better pic …

It’s MAGIC nail varnish.  My nail tech brought this mad stuff back from China and she went all magician on my claws.  You put a base coat on of whatever colour, then the magic colour goes over the top, you put it in front of a fan and it starts to crack right in front of your eyes!  Pretty amazing. Are your nails as amazing as these? Prolly not.

Now I haven’t copped myself anything fresh in aaaages, no seriously…I really haven’t been shopping at all.  Most of my $$$ has been going on parking fines, bagels and cream cheese, petrol, hotel rooms (don’t ask) and pear cider. Anyways, I very spur of the moment got these …

Yes. I got me some VANS Authentic.  The last time I had a pair of these was in 2003…and they are now, as my Nan would say, knackered.  I just wanted a cute little shoe that wasn’t Air Max for a change. These go with everything, especially with little dresses.  The Air Max give me too much of a Lily Allen circa 2006 vibe (her better years no doubt) and I am a little over the references.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m married to my 90’s but these Authentic’s are a good little foot outfit.  FUCK that was a lot of words just about shoes. It’s just that I have so much of it! I just moved house on the weekend, and LOOK at my closet …

I’m not even finished unpacking!  It’s spilling out like my tits would in an egg cup.  This is probably why I haven’t been buying stuff lately…because really, I’m not actually in need of anything.  Take last weekend for example, I threw another party and I needed something dardy to wear and I found this fab dress that Lady SJ  gave me a while back.  It’s purple, and poofy and very Cyndi Lauper.  I’ve never worn it, and I felt like it needed an outing …

Hmmm.  I don’t really know who I think I am making sex eyes at the camera like that because this was taken the morning after the party at around 9am and I hadn’t gone to bed yet.  Nothing to be proud of!  Aw shit, who am I kidding?!  I am winning in this picture.  Thank you and good evening.  In all seriousness though, I should take a leaf out of my friend Alex’s blog and start flogging threads on Ebay.  God knows I need the cash, what with my parking fines reaching new heights and everything.

And lastly, I babysat my sisters pooch one morning …

Yeah I feel ya buddy.

Bye! x

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  1. Im the same! just moved house and i have so much stuff, i went to post pictures & my camera died :(
    BUT – what brand is that nail polish? thats the coolest stuff ever.


  2. Hmm, my nail lady brought it back from China. But check Dirty Rich's post on it from a while back

    More info there doll face x

  3. You can buy the cracked polish from OPI's Katy Perry collection. It's out now. Should be able to get it at David Jones and I believe it's $19.95
    Ahhh the perks of writing about bullshit for money

    Your nails are rad, Owl xx

  4. you are one fly babe. I can't get enough of your style. I'm interested to see how you've decorated your house. If it reflex’s your taste in clothing I'm pretty sure it would be pretty rad :)

  5. Lollers, you are a doll, thank you :) Yeah I might post pics of the place actually…my roomie is a photographer, so we might get all 'Vogue Living' about it haha xx

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