The Obnoxious Owl Experience: Where do the weeks go?

Last week my good friend and uber snapper Luke Thompson took some photographs of me and Lady SJ.  It was a pretty fun day and it’s always nice to have your hair and make up done.  This is just one of the photos, I’m just being impulsive by posting it.  Look out for the rest coming soon (you know photographers …. edit edit edit, just make my thighs look smaller OK Luke?) All the threads we are sporting are from DirtyRich.

This is actually an old nail post … I’ve kinda put the designs on the back burner for now and am loving just plain jewel colours.  I get inspired by random things, like the ones above were inspired by a vintage tropical dress that I bought in Cape Town, and these were inspired by a Sex Pistols poster that I’ve had on my pin board for yonks …

I am extremely attached to my claws hey.  They are mad noisy on my keyboard and my hand cream gets stuck underneath them, but they are here to stay.  Love you hoochie nails x

God this is a self indulgent post.  Haha, ANYWAY.  This was my favorite outfit of the week.  Plus my pose in the mirror whilst taking my own picture on my phone no less adds a certain something to this ensemble.  These are my fave leggings from Topshop, they are about 3 years old now. Vintage 80’s nightie from Camden Market for a tenner, Grey hoodie for 3 quid from Oxfam, denim waistcoat I found in Mum’s wardrobe and yellow Air Max.

My best mate Dave copped these babies by Generic Surplus the other day.  They have tiny grids so socks are not essential.  So dope…and such a refreshing change from VANS.  Speaking of Dave, did I ever show you the photo of him and Johnathan Pierce from The Drums on Brick Lane in London?  We met the band in a pub the day before Glastonbury in June and spent the afternoon with them.  So epic! And so smug ’cause I ran into my ex. ha!
This is my sisters new puppy…her name is Biscuit …

She likes to dry hump my stuffed Owl.  So do I actually.

God Speed Owlies xx

5 Comments on The Obnoxious Owl Experience: Where do the weeks go?

  1. The Drums, very jealous.

    I want to be in London NOW.

  2. Let's go! It's my spiritual home.

  3. I want to put my dual citizenship to use and check out some English music and men. I'll meet you at the airport!

  4. I am insanely jealous over your outfit. focking brilliant. you look like an 80's superheroine ♥

  5. haaaaaaahahaha. Yes! Best compliment ever xx

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