The Obnoxious Owl Experience: Why? Because I can.

It’s so weird how voyeuristic we’ve become.  Well, I dunno actually, is it weird?  I think we have always been nosey parkers, but now we have the means to do it properly is all.  So let me help your inquisitive mind and give you a tiny insight into the life of the Owl.  Again.

So here I am in the bath.  I just thought my outfit matched.  Beck (my bezzie mate and pap) was only too pleased to capture my idea of me laying in the bath.  Yeah, looks pretty glamorous there but I’ll tell you what is most definitely NOT glamorous…me waking up on the backseat of my car the following morning, clutching a bag of Doritos with my hand in my knickers.  That’s what.

Please enjoy the art installation I found in the kitchen at the same party.  I think that’s beetroot dip.  Hey, it matches my tights!  I shoulda held it whilst I had my picture in the bath!  Fuck! If only we could rewind time hey?
OK, THESE are my favourite little cookies ever.  They’re small.  They’re chocolate filled. They’re pandas.  They are also only like $2 from most Chinese supermarkets.  Hello Panda.  Hello Tummy.  Yummo.
These kinda bakery’s fascinate me.  All the cakes and pies look so perfect.  And being relatively well travelled, I can report that most countries have one of these kinda bakery’s on their maps.  Its the Mcdonalds of bakery’s!  They ALWAYS have giant meringues, chocolate eclairs with plastic cream and custard tarts with custard that could stick wallpaper to the wall.  I could smash one of those tarts right about now though…
I saw this girl in the toilets at a bar and I forced her against the wall and took a picture of her ankles.  Them be dollar dollar bills adhered to her leggings.  Pretty cute.  She ‘claims’ she has never heard of Obnoxious Owl.  Yeah right.
And finally, the inevitable nail pic.  This is like 2 weeks old now actually.  I’m getting new claws on Wednesday, but I rather enjoyed these babies.
XOXO – Obnoxious Owl

5 Comments on The Obnoxious Owl Experience: Why? Because I can.

  1. Fuck yeah Hello Panda. Asian snacks FTW. Have you tried the strawberry ones, my fav :)

  2. i love your upfront posts, keep them coming!

  3. WJ: They are mini amazings.

    SS: try and stop me! :) x

  4. Holy shot those dollar bills!! Amaaszzzinngg!

  5. ps erhmm I'm sure you can decipher what I meant…damn predictive text!

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