The Obnoxious Owl Experience

I have a ridiculous relationship with my camera phone. It’s not even a particularly good device but I just love the little sucker. I am a Nokia devotee because nothing pisses me off quite as much as when I a) can’t work out technology or b) technology just doesn’t work. I seriously want to stab a monkey in the face when my laptop freezes (for example). All I want my mobile phone for is text messages, phone calls and photos. My acrylics won’t allow for a touch screen…and I just am not even remotely interested in the iphone. Yawn alert. Anyway, every now and then I’m gonna share with you a few snaps I capture during the life of the Owl…all lovingly captured by a little chrome Nokia 6700.
So we had a bit of a storm last week here in sweet Perth. And I would know…with one of my stores being flooded and sitting in traffic for two hours when I was only but a 5 minute drive away from home. It quite literally came out of nowhere…one minute the sun was smiling on us then the next God threw a fucking tanty!!! Water was quite frankly coming out of our ass! Thank FUCK the only damage done to me personally was coming close to killing myself out of boredom whilst stuck in traffic (I drive an automatic…so the gear stick was not an option). Because I’m telling you right this minute, heads would have bloody rolled if golf ball sized hail penetrated Queen Lizzy’s windscreen.
Yes. That is a car submerged halfway in a ‘puddle’. This snap was taken just before I had to mount the curb.
On a lighter note, I was wandering through the city a few weeks back and the delicious smell of spray paint suddenly filled my nostrils. Following the scent like a whore to PVC, I came across the fella’s from Last Chance getting their spray on for Perth’s arts and culture week…
The piece was along the wall of an entire lane in the city, so this photo does not do it any real justice but ain’t the lil seal cute?! And that fucking magenta ocean is off the hook! The boys then agreed to get busy on an old shed as the backdrop for the Owl party that was the following weekend. Have a geez at this beauty….
Young Ben from Last Chance did an Owl mighty proud! The colours in the clouds and the detail in Mr Owl’s face are hard to see here, but geez louise I was mega stoked with this. Thanks homies x
This week I had to pack up my life in a million…OK ten boxes. It went fairly well (two car trips just for clothes) but it took great gusto to attack my creative space that is my desk.
I fucking love this messy corner of organised chaos. Taking it apart was pure torture! I mean, it takes AGES for everything to land in it’s rightful place. The dark shadows in this photo is very symbolic of my mood that evening. Fuck you end-of-lease lady.
The upside was the fresh mani I got the following day. I knew I wanted gold, and I knew I wanted pink (I have Lady Gaga coming up innit), so my nail goddess Nicki worked her nail hocus pocus and produced these claws…

I say this every time, but this really is my favourite one. There are even diamonds on my middle finger, so the next time I flip you the bird…ya’ll got some bling to look at. See how thoughtful I am?

This fly little ride was parked in my hood a couple ‘o weeks back…
Who the flying fuckity fuck do these fresh ass wheels think they are?! And furthermore…how can Lizzy become equally as pimped? Anyone?
Space invaders it may not be, but an Obnoxious Owl sticker holds it own…

Look at her just chillin there with Mr Obey! If anyone wants in on some Owly stickerness…holla with your deets and it’ll be flying your way. And if you see me on the freeway, remember to indicate before you change lanes and gimme a hoot. Love love x

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  1. Oohhh!! Could you send an Owl sticker over to the U.S.?


  2. I surely can bria – mail me your details x

  3. I want a sticker!

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