The Queen of Lime Crime

I while back I interviewed Doe Deere from LimeCrime cosmetics for YEN which went to print, and I discovered it on their site as well a couple of days ago. I’m all for double exposure :)

Lime Crime do reeedeeeekulos lipstick colours in blue, yellow and more Barbie pink than Barbies tiny little plastic pussy. You should check it out and colour your face in here and read the chat I had with Doe Deere – the lady behind it all here

3 Comments on The Queen of Lime Crime

  1. Anonymous // 2011-04-06 at 11:30 AM // Reply

    How do you feel about the drama about the brand?

    i can't decide if it's true or not and own 3 lipsticks anyway because the colours are rad.

    but where could i wear the mint?

  2. Yeah, I heard about the drama.
    My thoughts are that however she has done it, at least she did it. You know?

    Wear the mint to the grocery store :) x

  3. Anonymous // 2011-04-06 at 1:45 PM // Reply

    good call.

    although perhaps the New Yolk city would be more apt.

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