Things that will make you a little happier. I swear.



I thought everyone was talking shit. Turns out they weren’t.  There is not enough time to over think and feed paranoia when you are going ham on the cross trainer.  I recommend joining a gym, they actually aren’t THAT excy hey.  I mean, you are probs gonna give up things like loads of booze and shit food so it balances.  It’s not even really about losing weight, I feel like that’s a bonus, it’s really about clearing the head.  Invest in cute workout gear, it’s a total motivation to get your ass moving.  There is nothing I can say to convince you really, you just got to do it.  Admittedly, I am in the honeymoon phase of working out, I’ll let you know how I’m tracking in a month.



Do it. Get rid. Move on. Knocking on a wall dun turn it into a door as Coco Chanel or someone French once said.  It probably sounded cooler in French to be fair.  As do most things.



You totally feel more in control of your day.  There is also something really peaceful about mornings.  ALTHOUGH the sound of my alarm does not softly nudge me into action, it’s more of a sudden jolt of panic. So I’m not really sure how good this advice is, but still. Waking up early and not rushing in the morning lowers stress levels for sure.



Get some culture in your fucking life for God’s sake. Be inspired. Take it all in. IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU.



Unless the gossip is hilarious. Then by all means.  No but srsly, stay away from drama. The saying, ‘Drama just follows me’ is a pile of wank. You lure it with your seductive ways. Stop it.



Guilt and jealousy are emotions that are about as useful as a chocolate teapot. They do nobody any good.  Go buy those sneakers you’ve been salivating over for months, have a piece of cake, sleep in, take holiday, go for a massage, have sex all day. But remember, everything in moderation….except the sex part.



Even if it’s just a sentence before you go to bed. Even if you just list everything you ate that day. Even if it’s just a letter to someone who pissed you off that you will never send. Every day write something down. You’ll be amazed at the messages your sub concious wants to convey.   Everyone can talk and everyone can write.  Write down words as they come into your head and turn them into sentences.  It doesn’t even have to make sense as you are the only one who will ever read it.  Just get it all out. WRITE IT DOWN.



Smile. It’s not so bad. Except sometimes it is that bad and you can’t help that.  But after the rain the sun must come…and it always will.


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  1. Exercise, get up early, don’t gossip. WHO ARE YOU TAMMY CROUCHER??! I live for sitting on my ass, sleeping in and talking shit about bitches. haha.

  2. I have a disclaimer lady! Plus you’re allowed to gossip about assholes

  3. I was just about to write a very similar post! It is crazy how much less you over analayze bullshit when you get some exercise in and have SOME structure to your day, I get off the bus and walk 25 minutes to work everyday, i hate it for the first 5 minutes then it’s know what, fuck yeah..Sun is shining, tunes are cranking and life is not that bad!

    Writting…writting is a huge one man… it’s always been a good release for me, I went to a tarot card reader recently and she told me my biggest downfall right now is thinking “I have nothing to write about” and that i need to write because some peeople just have too much in their head to function without it.

    Sorry for the rant but if you don’t know now you know 😉

    Sounds like everything is going well Tammy! well done x

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