Tinie Tempah you devil!

Dunno if any of you remember his first tune “Wifey”? Well I do. When I lived in London I remember it being played countless times on Channel U. Aaah Channel U *sigh* – mostly crap but would sometimes deliver a cracker, and Patrick Junior C. Okoqwu, otherwise known as Tinie Tempah was one of ’em. Yes I know my taste in music can be a little, um, ‘otherwise’ at times but I do hold a passion for anything with a dancehall, Latin or reggae influence. This South Londoner has even had my guurrrlll M.I.A feature on one of his songs. He has been voted by MTV’s top 10 for 2010 as an artist to watch…and here’s why. Enjoy ‘Pass Out’.

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  1. :)
    can't get enough of this song.

  2. Your taste of music is just G as hell.

  3. Anonymous // 2010-04-22 at 12:37 AM // Reply

    do you remember 'my yout'?

  4. haha yeah, by IceKid?

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