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Last summer my friend Elesha made us this wagyu steak. She talked it up so much to the point where I was like, ‘Chill, it’s just a steak’ – well, was it fuck. This was the most incredible piece of meat I had ever had in my life. All it needed was a bit of rock salt and no other accompaniments because it spoke for itself. Lord Jesus, this buttery over priced meat melted in my mouth and I thought to myself, ‘Wow, so that’s what a real steak tastes like’ because steak was always just a dead cow to me up until that moment and then I saw that it could be so much more.

Am I comparing jeans to steak? Well as a matter of fact I am. Why? Because last year I tried on a real pair of jeans and just like the first bite of that wagyu, I got what all the fuss was about.


For those of you that don’t know, I moonlight as a denim merchandiser for International Fashion Group  as well as doing all this writing malarky. Before I started this blog over 4 years ago, I had been working in fashion my entire adult life. But, it can be and is a very vapid industry but alas, I like to keep my finger in the pie. My favourite of all the fashion genres is denim because it is a staple.


I am a fan of the classics…Converse shoes, Rayban sunglasses and Levi jeans…whatever your gender, pair the former with a white tshirt and you are good to go. No mess, no fuss. The four brands of denim I deal with on the daily are AG, Paige, True Religion and NYDJ. All premium denim, all made in California, all pretty expensive. But let me tell you something, if I ever move on from this gig I will continue to invest in these brands because my name is Tammy and I am a premium denim convert.


Hey listen, I was just like everybody else…leggings took over my wardrobe. Why? They are cheap, easy to wear and don’t make you check yourself when you can’t do up the button because there is elastic there instead. Leggings are a sign that we have given up. Ever since I have had a few different washes of blue jeans and one great pair of black ones in my wardrobe I have not struggled with finding something to wear in the mornings or when I want to hit the town with my friendalings. Why? Because everything goes with denim.

Trust me, this is not a sponsored post because I don’t do that shit. I just like to share my revelations and this is one of them. The difference between say a $300 pair of AG jeans and your average $150 numbers from Lee or Levi or something is nothing but quality. Go to Woolies and buy your standard steak and cook it with 3 veg for dinner tonight…it will be tasty and it will nourish you but then I will ask Elesha to put a wagyu in front of you and you will have a religious experience…you will touch the other side.


Premium denim offers jeans that are made from either Italian or Japanese cotton…you know how those two nations are, they love a bit of attention to detail. You will understand this when you go to try on a brand new pair and they seem to already be ‘broken in’ so to speak. I ain’t knocking our made in China high street brands…they are cool and they are getting really good at getting the fit right but if you want to really feel good about wearing denim then I suggest you look at investing.

A great pair of jeans will do for your ass what a Wonderbra does for your tits. In fact, comparing buying jeans to bras is actually perfect. You always need to try them on, a bad one can be as disastrous as much as a good one can perform miracles and at the end of the day, you get what you pay for.


I’m telling you girls, get back into denim. She ain’t mad that you forgot about her for a while…she understands. Throw those thread bare leggings in the bin and get yourself down to David Jones or your nearest good denim store armed with a budget of around $250 – $300 (think price per wear…divide the amount of times you are going to wear something into the cost and it will help you make up your mind if it is a good idea or not) and take in a few pairs in the size you think you are and then both sizes on either side of that. If you are in Melbourne then holler, and I will help you out.

Trust me, getting back together after this break up will end in marriage.


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  1. I have a fat ass compared to my legs. I’d love to wear jeans again, but can’t find jeans to that are tight on my legs, but fit my bum…Haven’t tried premium brands. Any recommends?

    • I think you need either the Paige Skyline Skinny OR their Verdugo skinny. Personally I am an AG fan because I am short and they make shorter legs but I get a millions compliments on my butt when I wear a pair of Paige denim. Also, when it comes to Paige…try and get into a size down to what you normally wear because they tend to give quite a bit. Lemme know how you go!

  2. I tried a pair of Paige’s but they didn’t fit my butt properly, and I think the stitching on TR’s are, well, ugly. On your recommendation I might go try on a pair of AG’s (I love my Nudie’s but they’re raw denim, I want a pair of indigos too).

    • Yeah I know what you mean about True Religion, but they are simplifying things of late…far less bells and whistles. Paige can differ from style to style BUT I think you will find your wagyu steak in either the AG super skinny legging or the Prima. When I put mine on it almost feels like pyjamams they are that comfy and they are tight around the ankles which is a must for me! Let me know how you go!

  3. I have listened. I am going shopping. Any recommendations for the girl looking to enhance a small ass?

    • Ok, if you want to enhance a small derrier I would go for True Religion to be be honest. Don’t be put off by the wild stitching and pocket details…there are cleaner styles, but this is depending on whether you want a low rise or not because they mostly sit low on the hips, which is what enhances the bottom. Just give them a try. Otherwise, I would try either the Hoxton or the Verdugo style by Paige. Paige jeans made me love my bum again, for real.

  4. Tammy, help! I have a big waist and I find with jeans I usually have to go high waisted – what would you recommend out of the jeans you know?

    • Hi Heidi! I think your best bet is NYDJ….they have control panelling in the front so they work like Spanx and suck you all in. Try the legging fit! Also, the Paige Skyline Skinny has a mid rise and is very flattering on a thicker waist. But srsly, give NYDJ a go…you will weep with joy

  5. Thanks Tammy, will defo give em a go – ps we get our hair cut at the same place in Perth! I was stoked when I saw the pictures cos it made me feel cool (I am not cool). Haha.

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