So I went back to London recently for a little catch up and for Glastonbury (stay tuned for that post) and whilst staying in the whimsically ghetto suburb that is Dalston, I stumbled across WAH Nails. Oh dear God. Now kids, ya’ll know how I enjoy a decent mani…so this was kinda like when Charlie first walks into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and nearly jizzed in his pants…er, not sure if using ‘jizz’ and a child in the same sentence is PC or not but fuck it, I am the Owl after all … it’s expected. Anyway, back to WAH …

They specialise in nail art … and I don’t mean that fucked Vietnamese shit you see in lesser nail salons, I’m talking real, bad ass contemporary art man! My talons were used as a canvas, and Megan from WAH pimped them up to the maximum.
This is what I had done for Glastobury. I couldnt stop staring at these puppies hey…and I bet you can’t either!
Unfortch 2 broke on the first day at the festival then another 1 the following day. So not one to feel unbalanced, I ripped them all off and for the first time in 5 years I had stubs. Not feeling it hey. So the very next day after I got back from ‘G’ I hit up Meg’s from WAH again and she got fully tropical on my ass …

Yup, that’s what I’m talking about. These ended up being a mad tattoo inspiration…but that’s a whole other story. Megan did a stirling job on these claws.
Me and the world were loving them but I had to squeeze in one more WAHnderful experience (God I’m good) before I left…and I went out with a bang…

There’s Chanel, There is YSL, there is candy and this shit will make ya randy. BANG! – (yes I rhyme now) Look at that bejewelled middle finger dude. Incredible.Even my main homegirl M.I.A gets dem nails coloured at this Dalston nail emporium …

The salon and everyone who works there is amazonianly amazing, but Megs is my girl and also the manager. Look at the crazy cow…
Hahaha, she is so smokin and such a doll.
The actual salon is so chill. It even doubles as an art gallery by night, my mate Zac (hi Zac!) showcased some of his creations there…just look at it….
Look, I took these on my phone whilst deciding on colours, so don’t be critiquing my photography and just check out the hula hoops, OK love?
When I landed back in reality aka ‘Perth’ I hung onto my last London mani till the very last minute, but the time came, and they needed doing espesh as it was my birthday this weekend and I can’t be seen without a dose of freshness on the ends of my fingers innit? My usual lady was expected to step it up a notch, and I don’t reckon she did all that bad …

You dig? Yes, that’s a little Dior logo on my pinkie…and a dollar sign…what of it? (FYI – my fingers aren’t that porky in real life. Honest.)
So if you are the kind to get your nails did and you live in London or are visiting, hit this place up and tell ’em The Owl named Tammy sent you. They also have a concession in TopShop in Oxford Circus.
If not, just cruise their website or peep their blog for some mad ‘Claw Steeze Inspo’ – it’s God dang nail porn yo!
Miss you London. Miss you Dalston. Miss you increddy nails :(

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  1. I have DREAMED of going to that salon since I found the blog a few months ago. I am so jealous you got to try 'em out THREE TIMES!

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