What they really mean when they say…

“I’ve just been real busy” = He can’t be fucked.
“I was gonna come meet you but I fell asleep” = He can’t be fucked.
“I have to do something else first, but I can meet you at about midnight (ish)” = He can’t be fucked but he DOES wanna fuck you.
“How you doing mate?” = He can’t be fucked. (Mate?!? Seriously?)
“Who is this?” (in response to a text message) = He can’t be fucked.
“I wasn;t ignoring your calls, I just forgot my phone at home plus I have two phones” = He can’t be fucked.
“I’m not sure I want a girlfriend” = He can’t be fucked.
See a pattern here?

6 Comments on What they really mean when they say…

  1. Hahahahaha, TRUE STORY.


  2. too true

  3. I need to like my girl friend to this post. She was just recently supposed to go on a date with this guy, and was meeting up with him. On the day she was going straight from work and was obv. trying to contact him to see where he wanted to meet (they work close). No answer. He later contacts her saying 'I left my phone at home today'. ANd can I just say, I even told her before I read this that it is a sure fire case of 'he cant be fucked' (except more subtly) haha xxxx
    PS – soz for essay!

  4. haha bodykiss, I think all this post was, wa sme saying (or writing) outloud what we all already know deep down xx

  5. Shit dude I fucking love you aye

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