First thing I thought of as soon as I heard Die Antwoord were receiving world recognition: “Does anyone who isn’t South African understand what they’re saying?” Generally us saffers are left shocked and amazed by the blatant ignorance concerning our fascinating country from outsiders. No we don’t just get shot walking down the road, no we don’t have slaves (we pay our slaves, so they not technically slaves…we even let them eat inside and use our toilets these days) and we aren’t all arrogant. We just like to get shit done. Unfortunately, we don’t come from a ‘no worries’ culture.

So enter the Ninja… They might seem like some fad to you or a joke. But these guys are basically the voice of the new South Africa. They are doing more good for the country and reuniting more classes and races than our bullshit current government could hope for. During tough times with possible civil wars hanging over our heads, Julius Malema (our ANC youth leader) just being alive in general and just the overall shit storm that comes with being a South African these days…Die Antwoord inject some much needed humour and glorifying the very unique and raw culture that comes from not only SA, but Cape Town – that no one else could ever really understand, no matter how much we try to explain. So many might think they are weird…and to you they are, but they make us remember why it’s super fokkin kwaai to be from SA. Not that we needed reminding.

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  1. This was so funny. I had to giggle to myself towards the end. I must say I can't pretend to be an expert of the South African culture but it does remind me of what I thought Australian culture came across to be.

  2. This takes me back to drinking red wine in the witches house

  3. Haha oh my God. That could have possibly been the highlight of the evening. Red wine outta crystal mind you! x

    "how good was the local commentary?"

  4. Anonymous // 2010-05-31 at 9:51 AM // Reply

    Love these guys!!

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