31 Things I’ve learnt since 1981

  1. You will never be able to make somebody love you, but you can make them hate you.
  2. Photographs of yourself always look better 5 years later.
  3. Broken hearts mend eventually.  It’s the inner peace that tends to stay unsettled.
  4. The place you will love living in the most is the place where you like who you are the best.
  5. 100% of people are misunderstood.
  6. Some of the best times of your life will be when you’re high.
  7. Some of the worst times of your life will be when you’re high.
  8. I will never like olives.
  9. Sometimes when you think you’re stressed its just because you’re hungry.
  10. You will regret at least one tattoo.
  11. Putting things on paper lightens the burden by 50%. Write.
  12. Social Media and sugar are for enjoyment and not sustenance.
  13. People are never who you think they are. Be open to being surprised.
  14. You will need to rethink your opinions every so often to check if it is still the way you feel.  Experience changes everything.
  15. Shorter nails are more conducive for typing.
  16. Sex is empowering but it can also fuck you up.
  17. Despite always claiming otherwise, you will eventually show signs of becoming your parents.
  18. We look better in heels.
  19. You will eventually tire of crazy fashion.
  20. To not forget your roots does not mean you have to stay put.
  21. Everyone has a story. Everyone has a reason. Everyone has a secret.
  22. It will upset you that you never do the things you used to do.
  23. It will make you happy that you aren’t the person you used to be.
  24. Phoning your grandparents will make them happier than you can ever imagine.
  25. The youth will irritate you because they know not what they have. Just ask your parents.
  26. Death, taxes and parking fines are inevitable.
  27. You will never have enough sleep.
  28. Compassion is key.
  29. The only way to be inspired is to travel or to break out of routine.
  30. Goldfish die.
  31. You will never be Beyonce.

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  1. God damn woman you get shit! straight up

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