Take my advice…I don’t use it anyway HOMME Part 7

IF YOU LIKE A GIRL, THEN DON’T BE HOOKING UP WITH OTHER BROADS – She will find out and your chances will be ruined. RUINED.
SAYING THINGS LIKE ‘SIT ON MY FACE’ OR ‘NICE TITS’ WILL NOT WORK OUT WELL FOR YOU – Actually, I would be VERY interested to know if you have ever said these things to a complete stranger and you got laid…please let me know.
JUST BEING IN A BAND WILL NOT MAKE ALL GIRLS FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU – So you have a mediocre job, smoke weed all day and night, are drunk most of the time, sex text other birds and never take a shower….oh but you’re in band you say? Well in that case…
PLEASE KEEP YOUR TOP ON AT MUSIC FESTIVALS – I don’t care how long you have worked on your tan and pecs…but the whole top off thing is incredibly self indulgent. We can tell the difference between someone that is genuinely feeling the heat and needs to remove some clothing, and those that are prancing around like little narcissistic peacocks…emphasis on the word ‘cocks’.

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  1. Bahaha last point was priceless!!!

    …But I can't complain about the tops-off-at-music festivals. Or even the hussies running around in bikini tops. If I worked that hard on my body, I'd be showing it off too.

  2. Anonymous // 2009-12-16 at 2:16 AM // Reply

    This is one dude response. If you like a girl. make a move. If you don't end up getting the desired response with her then move on. She will probably act like you had a chance, but you didn't. She just wanted your attention. Most hot girls will have about 3 backup boyfriends to go to for attention when the real one doesn't do what they want. Don't be the backup.

    In my experience any girl that thinks your about to place your face in/on her vagina is very happy about it.

    Of course we love having a slimy face. Don't you?

  3. Dear Anonymous aka Slimer…

    I agree with your points. However, this blog is for my type of broad, and m type of broad would never sleep with a complete random who just came up to her and said 'sit on my face' – unless he was Johnny Depp. Because even we can be that shallow.

    And furthermore…I like your approach.

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