Take my advice…I don’t use it anyway part 121

  1. The art of being cool. It is innate and cannot be bought. To be cool is to have more character than you do shoes and more integrity than you do nice cars and more compassion than visits to the hairdresser. 
  2. There is something a little wrong with you if you don’t like Fleetwood Mac
  3. In times of strain you will probably be more surprised who doesn’t jump to your aid than who does.
  4. If times are tough get a second job, work hard and sell what you don’t need. A better excuse for not being able to go out is ‘I can’t I’m working’ than ‘I can’t I’m broke’
  5. Dried figs, almonds and cheese eaten together is extremely delicious
  6. Call your mum
  7. The things that are making you unhappy in life are completely within your control, See #8
  8. Perspective
  9. Players only love you when they’re playing
  10. Forgive and forget. Live and let live

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  1. I was just listening to “The ‘Mac” when I clicked on this link – get out of my brain!

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