1. Back in the day, one’s opinion used to be based on fact, not passion or emotion. Whatever happened to that?
  2. Instead of counting the things that you have loved and lost, try counting your blessings for instant gratification.
  3. Ladies, if a man is fingering you, never allow him to use more than three fingers…even if you can take it! You are a woman, a goddess and your vagina is your majesty. Be kind to it.
  4. Starchy foods such as white bread, white rice and potatoes don’t help with weight loss. They fall more under the ‘weight gain’ category. As do processed sugar and booze. Fuck, I would love to live in a world where woman just don’t care about their bodies but I don’t. It does exist though! But not in the first world. Here we are surrounded with a abundance of everything and we are suckers to gluttony.
  5. Eat less white bread and potatoes and read more books. It’s all fair and well to look good, but it’s useless if you are thick in other senses of the word.
  6. Stop shopping! Stop consuming! Stop filling your wardrobe up with crappy, throw away fashion. Buy less but buy well and wear often. Focus more on status which comes from consistency and not statements. Get off that consumer treadmill.
  7. Have you guys worked out your signature dish yet? What is it?
  8. To honestly love comes from lack of judgement.
  9. If he has a girlfriend, then leave him alone. Let’s bring back the sisterhood!
  10. Vanilla Ice said it best: Stop, collaborate and listen.

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