Guys. I’m annoyed with myself .  Wanna know why?  Because I have only decided now to get my hands on YSL TOUCHE ECLAT.  I don’t know what the Hell I was thinking fucking with anything else.  It’s like a cult under eye concealer, and me having hereditary dark circles under my eyes I thought I’d just ignore the best thing on the market. Yup. I’m a moron.  Apparently one is sold every three seconds world wide!  You can literally get them everywhere and they are always about $50…some discount pharmacies do it for 25 bucks (so I’ve heard) but I’d pay thousands to be honest.  I look about 1.5 years younger and no one will tell you are hungover with this smeared under your peepers. Truth.  I got mine off STRAWBERRY NET…free shipping holler!  What a website! What a concealer! Go get ’em!



Went into MAC yesterday to get my usual setting powder (God dudes must read this and think ‘WTF?’) and took my 6 empty MAC containers and got my free lipstick.  Yo, did you know they do that?  It’s a genius idea.  Other cosmetic companies should follow suit.  Unless they do and I don’t know about it?  Tell me your secrets!   I am set with bright lipstick colours because of my vast LIME CRIME collection, so I go for a kissable pink for everyday wear.  I spoke once about BOMBSHELL which is the colour I usually go for but SURPRISE SURPRISE they had no stock. Do you guys find MAC are always out of stock of errthang?  Well I bloody do.  Well I guess it was a blessing because I tried this colour called PLEASE ME. And it does. So I guess it’s a win. Plus it was free. So I’ll stop whinging.


Speaking of MAC, I usually buy their FLUIDLINE which I have spoken about before.  However, it’s like nearly $40.  And I’m watching dem pennies at the moment, so I was like fuck that.  I copped this MAYBELLINE EYE STUDIO for $16 just at the supermarket and it was actually the most intelligent thing I did all week.  It comes with the brush and the consistency is not as gel like as the MAC one but my God there is virtually no difference hey…  I am actually never going to buy the MAC one every again.  There.  I said it.



In other supermarket purchase reviews, Let’s talk hair.  ORGANIX is quite frankly the bomb.  I used to buy the Brazilian one which I reviewed last year and then I tried them all out, you know, just so I didn’t get bored…and ding ding ding we have a winner! I am all over this Coconut goodness.  My hurrr feels just wonderful and it smells like the beach.  What’s not to love?  OK usual supermarket brands are like $5 to $8 and this one is $15 but you can’t really put a price on good hair now can you?  I find it straightens easier and is way more manageable since using this and you know what?  I’m worth it.



Oi my mum bought me this Sarah Jessica Parker fragrance for Christmas and I was like, ‘Bitch you crazy’ – but I am going to eat my words on this one because it actually ain’t bad.  It’s my Monday to Friday work fragrance and I get loads of compliments! (OK like 2 but still) and the bottle is quite pretty and SJP is the lesser evil of celeb endorsed shit so yeah, I am down with COVET.  Try it! In fact, it’s almost winter (or summer if you’re reading this in the Northern Hem) so maybe it’s time for a fragrance makeover?  Treat yourself.

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3 Comments on BEAUTY CUPBOARD – Part 9

  1. MUST. GET. YSL. CONCEALER. MUST. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. MUST. GET. YSL. CONCEALER. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. i’ve used this for the last 2 years as a highlighter/concealer (however it’s more sheer than good cover tbh.)

    get it cheap at chemist warehouse – that’s where i buy mine. 29 bucks. fucking BOOM

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