Hands up who actually buys the same product over and over?  Yeah me neither.  No matter how happy I am with what I currently use, I get secretly excited when it runs out ’cause I get to try something new.  I mean geez, the packaging is just so damn alluring. I did a beauty post a few months back here and then another one here for the thrifty.  I still swear by those products, but I’ve kinda moved on to a few new things only to return later to the others.  I keep this shit on rotation…makes life a little more interesting.



STUDIO SCULPT by M.A.C is something I have used in the past but went on to ARMANI FACE FABRIC which is just magnificent but sadly, so is the price. STUDIO SCULPT is a cheaper alternative.  It’ll set you back 50 bucks where as the ARMANI bad boy is almost 90.  This M.A.C foundation is the perfect combo of coverage and lightness.  I HATE thick foundation but I like a bit of coverage…I also hate foundation that gives you a white face in photographs (note: anything that has the word ‘reflective’ in the name will give you a Casper face in pictures)  I use the colour NC30 ’cause I am olive skinned and I can use something darker, but this product comes in a million different shades, going from our porcelain dolls to our ebony homegirls.  I can’t stress enough that when it comes to foundation, you get what you pay for.  And please get someone to help you with the right colour…there are so many beautiful girlies out there with Dorito dust faces. Yuck.



I have always used my fingers to apply my foundation.  I always kinda felt that brushes were unnecessary and make up creators of the world just wanted my hard earned $$$ when my fingers cost me nothing.  So my sister is a make up artist, and whenever she did my face she used this 131 DUO FIBRE POWDER BRUSH by M.A.C to apply my face and my GOD it made a difference.  It somehow ‘buffs’ your skin and ensures coverage is even AND you don’t use as much product. PLUS, how annoying is it when your fingers are full of beige gunk and you think you got it all off but then you see fingerprints on your light switch etc?  Yeah man, a brush is the way to go.  I am a convert.  They ain’t cheap though…but then, you only need to fork out once if you look after it.  SO worth it.  I wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true.



OK I’ll be honest…I only went for a pressed powder by Chanel because I wanted the interlocked double C to be visible when I whipped it out to powder my nose…and chin and forehead (shit gets oily).  So I forked out the $60 to enhance my image. But you know what?  I did myself a French favor, because POUDRE UNIVERSELLE COMPACTE by Chanel is the shizz.  Not only do I look mega chic when I get it out, the actual product just glides on (God, I sound like one of dem lasses off the telly) ehrm, yeah so it glides on and when you lightly brush your fingers over your cheeks you can feel the silkiness of it all.  It really is quite a lovely product and plus it’s CHANEL.



I didn’t actually purchase this product, I got it free in a goodie bag at fashion week, but I’ll tell you what, as soon as it’s finished I’m buying me another…which is just what they wanted innit!?  L’OREAL VOLUME EXPAND VOLUME ROOT LIFT SPRAY has saved my life.  You just spray it on the top of your head, comb it through and then blowdry/GHD whatever and BAM you gots big hair yo!  Fuck I don’t know what the hell happened to my locks in my twenties hey…hormones or some shit but it has gotten so damn fine! And not FINE but fine…ya know?  Love you L’Oreal Volume blah blah something!



It kinda makes me angry to blog about this TOPSHOP lipstick ’cause I have fucking lost mine.  Along with my drivers license and 50 bucks.  #$#%#^%# ANYWAY.  I have said before that my standard make up day look is bronzed skin, rosy cheeks, black eyeliner and pink lips.  I have always used BOMBSHELL by M.A.C but I picked up this TOPSHOP lippy on my last trip to Londres.  The colour is called ‘Dessert’ and delicious it is.  You can cop it on their website and I know Sydney have a store…not sure if they do the make up line though??  It’s brighter than what I normally use but it’s a mega flattering shade.  Now if I can only find it …



I effin love JURLIQUE.  This is the HERBAL RECOVERY GEL, the sales staff call it ‘a big drink of water for the skin’ hell, I bought it!  I put it on at night before I go to bed and I wake up the next day looking like Miranda Kerr. No joke. OK not quite, but yeah it’s pretty lush.  I now use the entire range…from cleanser, toner and moisturiser to the other things like the eye cream and exfoliator.  It’s all natural and it’s all made in South Australia.  Fuck, this shit sells for a pretty penny over in Europe but it’s sooooo reasonable here hey.  It lasts and it works. It also smells well lovely and I honestly can’t say a bad word about this brand.  They also enjoy giving away samples and free gifts, and I do love me a free anything.  Hop on the Jurlique train!  Trust me, you will heart this.



If money were no object, I would buy all of  the ARMANI cosmetic range.  But alas, I am more ‘the other fella’ than I am ‘rockafella’ so one product at a time will have to suffice.  GIORGIO ARMANI EYES TO KILL MASCARA is quite frankly, the perfect mascara.  The metal tube just reeks of expensive and you can just feel it wanking your eyelashes.  It’s 30 dollars…meh, not toooo bad, but fuck it’s worth it.  I have short, straight lashes and this really does help me achieve those long bambino eyelashes….along with curlers and falsies :(  I would hate to think what this stuff does to a lady with already long lashes…fuck you’d be tickling your forehead!  It also stays put yet is easy to remove. All in all it’s a winner.



I am all for getting right dolled up on a night out and experimenting with different looks, but when it comes to my day face, I just want it to be streamlined and fast.  I have been searching for a day eyeshadow for ages and BENEFIT came to my rescue. God thats dramatic.  Anyhoo, BENEFIT CREAM SHADOW in BIRTHDAY SUIT is the perfect once over shadow.  You apply it with a short fluffy eyeshadow brush and it kinda looks like you have three different colours on your lids when all it is, is this bad boy.  Everyone (yeah everyone) always (yeah always) asks ‘who did your eyes?’ cause somehow, this looks hella profesh.  It’s creaseless and stays put.  In fact, since buying this one I have started collecting all the colours because it honestly is a really great product.



EAU DYNAMISANTE how I love you.  I have used this CLARINS classic for years.  It’s so clean smelling and isn’t really a perfume but more like a ‘body mist’ type thing.  I like to use it for when I just get out the bath or shower before getting ready for bed.  It’s got that real fresh, calming smell and makes you feel yummy.      Haha, I’m laughing ’cause I said ‘yummy’.



This M.A.C LIP CONDITIONER is great for when you can’t be ass’d with lipstick, yet you still want some colour in your smackers.  It also has an SPF of 15 and it smells sexual.  A great handbag staple and kills two birds with one stone, cause it enhances as well as conditions.  Fuck M.A.C you owe me big time.  Mainly cause I have bought like 30 of these over the years, can’t you get one of those loyalty cards you get in coffee shops or something?  Money don’t grow on tree’s you know!



Me and bronzer are best mates.  I love being tanned.  My friend Alex over at MAYORETTES is the only other person I know who is as passionate about it, and thats only internet love!   I am always trying new bronzers, and I gotta tell ya, the cheapest are usually the best.  RIMMEL NATURAL BRONZER is something I’m trying at the moment and it’s not half bad.  It’s not as ‘bronzey’ as I would like, but maybe thats a good thing, otherwise my head would start looking like someone dipped the mother fucker in chocolate. Not sexy.

So there you have it!  I ain’t no beauty guru, but I love beauty products.  And I ain’t paid to say shit, so this is as honest as you gonna get it.  Until next time Owlies!  xxxx

5 Comments on BEAUTY CUPBOARD Part 3

  1. another to add to your list for next time Clarins Beauty Flash Balm – I LOVE IT ALOT

  2. Hells yes girl, I went to the solarium today in fact! We're the only people that still do it huh haha.
    I like all of these tips, I shall take them on board. I need new foundation like woah.

  3. Ha! solarium is our crack girl…at least we'll die with a tan innit?

  4. I always found the studio sculpt was too dewy for my skin, and I just looked like a sweaty bohemouth whist wearing it.

    Now I rep Select spf 15 and plain mineralize powder over the top.

    I need new powder though, and I would like the CC logo in my purse, might have to head to a counter and compare the two!

  5. HAHA, yeah I thought that a first about the studio sculpt, but then I realized it was because I was putting too much moisturizer on underneath my slap. I heart it now.

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