And that’s a wrap! (No, really this time)

It’s hard to let go because we cling to what was. A point in time when everything felt like that is how it was going to be forever. But nothing is forever except change. Contrary to what we might think, as the things around us evolve, so do [...]

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The problem with…

The problem with articles that begin with ‘the problem with’ is that all it does is bring to light someone’s illusion of reality. The problem with ‘the problem with’ is that it incites a problem that may have never been [...]

2015-04-13 // 1 Comment

Read the Signs

I had a real punch in the gut last Friday afternoon. I came out from an appointment and walked towards my car except when I got to where I left her, she was not there. But as I live here in Australia, the punch in the gut was not from the violation [...]

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It’s always a tricky one talking religion and/or politics because the chances are there will be someone present who is not only ignorant but also a robot. Ignorant robots are the worst of the worst because they just absorb popular opinion and [...]

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OO’s top 8 fashion flicks of all time

ONE   I’ll start with the mothership, shall I? Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan. This movie was everything to me then, and has consistently remained everything to me now. She wore like three outfits throughout the entire movie. [...]

2013-11-19 // 1 Comment

MONTE MORGAN from Client Liaison

Self Portrait I love interesting people. There is nothing I love more than not feeling bored when someone speaks to me. You’ll be surprised at how likely it is that the lady selling you your coriander at the market could more than likely hold [...]

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TRUE BLUE – The right denim for you

Last summer my friend Elesha made us this wagyu steak. She talked it up so much to the point where I was like, ‘Chill, it’s just a steak’ – well, was it fuck. This was the most incredible piece of meat I had ever had in my [...]

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I have been posting this beauty posts for a few years now and they have taken different shapes over time. While I try to keep Obnoxious Owl about real life issues and personal development (lol) I also like a bit of superficiality from time to time. [...]

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Langridge Street, Collingwood I have a bit of a confession to make…I am not in love Melbourne. Alex calls me ungrateful and she is right. I don’t not like it but well, I don;t love it like I am supposed to. Maybe I have travelling [...]

2013-04-11 // 3 Comments

to the beach!

The end of summer has dawned upon us over here in the Southern Hemisphere and whilst the weather Gods reckon it ended on the 28th February, the actual Gods have turned up the volume on the sun and I sit here on March 10th looking out of my window at [...]

2013-03-10 // 2 Comments

The Obnoxious Owl experience: Perth for Christmas

Scarborough Beach I went to Perth for the holidays because my parents, sisters and dogs live there and also, my family from Cape Town came over for an Australian holiday and I haven’t seen them in years. I went from living alone to living with [...]

2013-01-15 // 8 Comments

BEAUTY CUPBOARD – The Summer Edition

Owlies I love the ocean…like love it. Living in the middle of the city has its advantages but living near the sea ain’t it. I also adore summer and all it’s trimmings. The smell of coconut oil on the beach, people are happier than [...]

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I love make-up and skincare, I always have.  My last 50 bucks would probably go on a lipstick before a new dress.  I started doing these posts because I feel that there is so much in the media telling us to ‘buy this’ and ‘try [...]

2012-10-13 // 3 Comments

Beyonce’s little sister is cooler

I dunno hey, the sister of Beyonce is somehow a little cooler.  I mean, it helps this video is filmed in Cape Town which is pulling at my heart strings but her steeze in this video is so on point and effortless.  You know like how Prada and Miu [...]

2012-10-07 // 1 Comment

A little light reading for your Sunday night.

Love is a pretty selfish emotion when you think about it.  Romantic love anyway.  We only put it out there in the hope that it will be returned because as much as we all want ‘to love’ we all want to feel that love back.  Man, what an [...]

2012-09-30 // 4 Comments

My Homeland

Within my soul, within my mind, There lies a place I cannot find. Home of my heart. Land of my birth. Smoke-coloured stone and flame-coloured earth. Electric skies. Shivering heat. Blood-red clay beneath my feet. At night when finally alone, I close [...]

2012-09-19 // 1 Comment

Satisfying our appetite.

The weather was so nice this evening that I decided to take a solo stroll around Melbourne City.  I went in and out a few stores and then sat on a bench on Bourke Street and watched the world go by for a bit.  A homeless man asked the person next [...]

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Do you guys ever feel like you’ve lost your zest for life? No seriously, I’m not going emo on you or anything I just kinda feel a bit ‘blah’ you know?  Not depressed or unmotivated just a little ‘meh’. [...]

2012-05-17 // 5 Comments

My Little Kony

I just watched this video and then I vacuumed the house.  Then I sat down on my bed to write something about it, but instead I spent 15 minuted reblogging things we’ve all already seen on tumblr.  Truth is, I just don’t know what to [...]

2012-03-12 // 6 Comments

Plastic Dolls.

So I’m a bit annoyed.  I know that this is a topic that most people originally from other third world countries would have an opinion on about a different object, but me being from Africa…this is mine. The other day THIS popped up in my [...]

2012-02-27 // 9 Comments

Dear O.W.L

I get loads of emails everyday from people asking me questions and for advice and then going ‘Please don’t post my name!’ well I won’t, but I will summarise your emails and letters and compile it into one big juicy [...]

2011-12-21 // 1 Comment


It’s that time again! The time where I give unprofessional and probably misguided advice on products that I think are the bizz nizz.   Fuck those beauty ads  (Max Factor make lashes 6 times longer?  Max Factor should make condoms) listen to [...]

2011-12-09 // 3 Comments

Take my advice…I don’t use it anyway HOMME Part 33

FOR BOYS ONLY   WEAR SUITS, BUT DON’T BE ALL ‘I WEAR SUITS’ ABOUT IT. I dunno why, but when men enjoy a good suit they like to scream about it. Suit wearing should be effortless…in my opinion, but then, who else’s [...]

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I leave London this Tuesday and I have much to say about it, but that is for a different post. I just wanted to shout out the girls at WAH from the TopShop in Westfield, Stratford because they WELL looked after me on this trip.  I was a bit devo [...]

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GIOGO Interview for Obnoxious Owl from GIOGO Girls on Vimeo. The GIOGO girls caught my eye on highsnobette a few months back and I instantly hit them up.  I just find them so engaging and genuine you know?  They make you feel like you want to be [...]

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I remember the first time I got waxed back in 2003. I went to this woman called Otylia Roberts who has a salon behind Selfridges in London. The reason why I went to this very stern no fucking around European was because they did a documentary on [...]

2011-09-15 // 10 Comments


      It’s the skin edition! So for a while there I was a bit skint and I was using something I got at Woolies for a fiver to wash my skin.  Eurgh. I don’t even really want to talk about it in front of my pores because [...]

2011-09-07 // 4 Comments

O.W.L’s Armchair Trend Predictions

A NEW POWER ANIMAL IS ON THE HORIZON. I’m not gonna be one of those irritating bitches that say, ‘I liked Owls for aaaages way before anyone else did’ blah blah blah. Truth is I actually don’t even dig Owls that much. Most [...]

2011-07-17 // 4 Comments

The Vagina

Look after your box and she will look after you. CRANBERRY JUICE/CAPSULES/ETC Every single time you get your groove on you need to neck some of this red fruited wonder food in any shape or form.  I know I keep reiterating but I STILL get emails [...]

2011-06-28 // 4 Comments

If you’re feeling shit then this will make it worse

EAT EVERYTHING IN SIGHT! This is a sure fire way in making sure that you hate yourself.  You may even consider sticking your finger down your throat after you have inhaled the family size instant mac and cheese followed by 2 mars bars and [...]

2011-06-12 // 1 Comment


Lemme tell you, I love make-up. It’s soul purpose in it’s little perfectly packaged life is to make you look better!  Unlike fucking garms that make you look fat and get you all depressed when you can’t fit into a size 10 anymore! [...]

2011-06-06 // 1 Comment

Pete from ‘For the Homies’

Pete Le Chic is all in the name. Straight cut and sleek. Clothing with no mess and no fuss. Just like this post. IN MY DREAMS … I am a king. But there are no civilians in my castle just animals and we don’t speak the same language so [...]

2011-05-17 // 4 Comments

The Obnoxious Owl Experience: My first week in Melbourne

Relocation Relocation! I have been here for 7 days now…and I think I love it.  It’s almost as though the ‘everything is going to be OK’ fairy came down and sprinkled her magic dust on my ass. It has been FREEZING  which I [...]

2011-05-15 // 10 Comments

On the road again…

I have seriously been relocating since I was 18. I have packed up everything and crossed international borders four times in my life. Not to mention the amount of apartments I’ve had in the last 4 years alone. I moved to Australia in 2007 and [...]

2011-05-07 // 5 Comments

Ding dong Osama’s dead.

So old mate Osama got shot in the head.  Did it happen?  Sure it did!  Is this good news?  It’s fucking great news! Will it end terrorism? Definitely not. I doubt I will see the end of terrorism in my life time. See the thing about [...]

2011-05-05 // 6 Comments

KARA – Y’OH designer

My home girl from London is probably biting her little fingernails as we speak.  Tonight is the long awaited launch of her label Y’OH along side KIDS OF GRIME.  Kara has one up on most mens street wear designers…as in she [...]

2011-04-28 // 0 Comments

The Queen of Lime Crime

I while back I interviewed Doe Deere from LimeCrime cosmetics for YEN which went to print, and I discovered it on their site as well a couple of days ago. I’m all for double exposure Lime Crime do reeedeeeekulos lipstick colours in blue, [...]

2011-04-05 // 3 Comments


I always have to write KREAYSHAWN in capitol letters. Peep her website and watch her videos and you will see that there is nothing lower case about this broad from The Bay who has her manicured fingers in so many pies.  These pies include video [...]

2011-04-03 // 5 Comments


Some of you may have seen the infamous photo with the paint on my tits, done by one of my favorite Perth artists inspired by one of my favorite London artists INSA…my favourite photographer BMANCE caught the process on her fancy [...]

2011-03-30 // 5 Comments

It’s not you, it’s me

RANT RANT RANT!!!! It’s all that ever happens on the Internet. And why the hell not? You get to say what you want and people can’t talk back, and if they do, you can just delete. Obnoxious much?  Well, do you expect any different? [...]

2011-03-27 // 14 Comments


Gather round ladies, Mama Owl gwaan tell ya what I use on my mug. Fuck, I’m no ‘beauty guru’ (beauty guru’s don’t say fuck for one thing) but I know what I like and I am just a little bottomless pit of opinion, so HEAR [...]

2011-03-22 // 12 Comments


I would just like to start off by saying that I am rubbish at life. I hung out with Panda over 6 weeks ago and I am only posting now. Truth is? I lost my notes. Yes I know…I’m a winner. Anyway, onwards! When asking Derwin aka GOLD PANDA [...]

2011-03-13 // 1 Comment

I often get emails from readers, but this is a winner.

Yo Miss Owl. Ima tell you a little story inspired by your constant reminders of the importance of cranberry absorption post coitus. You like to share, and I need to vent.   I’ve been on the cranberry for, like, ever now. I’m pretty sure [...]

2011-03-13 // 5 Comments

Fashion Flicks I did for YEN magazine

I just found this on the YEN site. I wrote it a couple of issues back and the lovelies have put it on their site as well.  Click the pic to take you to the [...]

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The Obnoxious Owl Experience: Its all a blur

I’m fooling myself and leading you astray when I say this is a week in pictures because it’s NOT. It’s just when I’ve kind of stored enough crap on my phone that warrants unleashing. Speaking of my phone…I dropped it in [...]

2011-02-28 // 6 Comments


Well not really as it was last weekend but did I tell you I finally met M.I.A?  Those who follow this here blog on the reg will know that I have her on a bit of a pedestal. Well, I bumped into her at a party last Sunday night and I said hi. Nothing [...]

2011-02-14 // 1 Comment

Owls SEX alphabet: G – L

G – is for GAGGING. Men are sadistic bastards. They get aroused at the sound of you gagging. But then again, I suppose it does give them the feeling that their member is just so large that you can’t fit your itty bitty mouth around it [...]

2011-02-09 // 6 Comments


Yes everyone I had a bit of a blip there for a second, well…more for a fucking week!  SPAM was a bastard and got into the crevices of the OWL and NOT in a good way!  But hey, I’m back now and it’s like it never happened.  Just [...]

2011-01-31 // 0 Comments

I started my 2011 in spandex

Recognize this little number from my banner? Yup, the butter pecan fudge nut sundae of girl Tiffany from BUTCHDIVA over in Brooklyn New York made this for me and new years eve was the perfect opportunity for it’s first outing. My earrings are [...]

2011-01-02 // 1 Comment

All I want for Christmas is Diplo wearing my knickers

  Don’t you kinda feel like Christmas is happening all around you but not TO you this year?  I sort of feel like there is this festive pandemonium of ‘Secret Santa’s’, embarrassing work function ‘hook [...]

2010-12-18 // 9 Comments

The Obnoxious Owl Experience: Weekilinks

So we’re knee deep in December…there are more fake Santa’s than you could shake a stick at, Oprah is in town and Facebook had a face lift…can’t decide if I’m feeling it yet, however the old one used to be the new [...]

2010-12-08 // 6 Comments

The Obnoxious Owl Experience: Another week, Another Dollar

Without any further ado I bring you THESE puppies… Firstly, I wanna congratulate Cadburys for thinking of a way in making the Creme Egg a staple on our confectionery shelves, and not just for when the bunny drops them off in April.  Well done [...]

2010-11-25 // 4 Comments

The Obnoxious Owl Experience: 8 days a week

Last week was shit. The end. Null and void.  Nah ah.  There were a few highlights though…not many but hey, not every day can be wonderful now can it? Imma start with my nails, because they really are a little ray of sunshine in the life of [...]

2010-11-01 // 5 Comments


Ehrm, yeah so when I was 13 back in 1992, me and my girlfriends (non lezza) formed a group called ‘New Babes on the Block’ (original) and we used to mime to this song by 2 Unlimited. Oh God. We had it on a cassette tape on a little boom [...]

2010-11-01 // 6 Comments


Hands up who actually buys the same product over and over?  Yeah me neither.  No matter how happy I am with what I currently use, I get secretly excited when it runs out ’cause I get to try something new.  I mean geez, the packaging is just [...]

2010-10-29 // 5 Comments

The Obnoxious Owl Experience: Where do the weeks go?

Last week my good friend and uber snapper Luke Thompson took some photographs of me and Lady SJ.  It was a pretty fun day and it’s always nice to have your hair and make up done.  This is just one of the photos, I’m just being [...]

2010-10-15 // 5 Comments

Happy 1st Birthday to the Owl!!

Yup, it’s a new dope banner you are eye balling my friends. My girl Motel 7 did a grand job here…it’s not that we didn’t like the old one, we just thought that seeing as it’s Owl’s first birthday we would treat [...]

2010-09-21 // 7 Comments

Grab the Wheel and say NO baby

OK…I’m probably about to lose alot of readers after this post, but I have had it up to *here* with this label, and I’ll tell you why.  Firstly, I am not a fashion blog and I have never claimed to be…mainly because I am not a [...]

2010-09-15 // 9 Comments

The Obnoxious Owl Experience: Why? Because I can.

It’s so weird how voyeuristic we’ve become.  Well, I dunno actually, is it weird?  I think we have always been nosey parkers, but now we have the means to do it properly is all.  So let me help your inquisitive mind and give you a [...]

2010-09-07 // 5 Comments

Anyone for a cider?

  Do you all remember the incident last year when I went to smack a fly away (damn you Australia and your fly epidemic, you lot are cursed!) thus knocking a fresh glass of Shiraz all over my very beautiful and very SWITCHED ON laptop. It [...]

2010-09-02 // 7 Comments

Beauty Cupboard Part 2 – For the thrifty

So the last beauty post I did actually ended up becoming some kind of Bible to some of you guys.  I had soooo much feedback which is great because now I know you all actually take heed of the shit I say but at the same time kinda freaks me out [...]

2010-08-21 // 4 Comments

The Obnoxious Owl Experience – A Blur of Weeks

I say it’s a blur because there are a combo of London and recent pics here from my dog and bone. I KNOW I’m still banging on about my trip…this will be the last I speak of it. I will keep the memories for myself whilst I cry myself [...]

2010-08-18 // 2 Comments

The gutter is where I keep my mind…it likes it there

It always amuses me that at no matter what age you are…swear words and using different words for private parts and sex is funny, hell I’ve based a blog on it! So one morning after a party in East London, I was stood in the kitchen [...]

2010-08-12 // 1 Comment


So I went back to London recently for a little catch up and for Glastonbury (stay tuned for that post) and whilst staying in the whimsically ghetto suburb that is Dalston, I stumbled across WAH Nails. Oh dear God. Now kids, ya’ll know how I [...]

2010-08-01 // 1 Comment

Steeze Inspo for Summer 2011

Someone mentioned Ja Rule last night for some God damn reason, not sure why … but it reminded me of those mad collabs Jennifer Lopez used to do with him in 2001..or was it 2002? Oh bite me you fact Nazi’s. Anyway, I used to fucking love [...]

2010-07-31 // 0 Comments

Our Lil’

Other than Maya, I’d say Lily Allen is another flavour fave for moi. I don’t know what it is, I guess I enjoy the ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitudes of young girls going against social conformity, I dunno…mabes that my [...]

2010-07-09 // 5 Comments

Rockin and Rollin and What Not

Sozz sauce, but I’m going to be a bit shit with regards to posts this week. I have just arrived back ‘home’ in London Town and the amount of old faces I am metaphorically dry humping is astounding. But ze blog is not forgotten, [...]

2010-06-16 // 2 Comments

Booked it, Packed it, Fucked off

So I am about to embark on a trip to the UK. I haven’t been back since I lived there 3 years ago so there are plenty of people to catch up with, lots of trinkets to peruse, and new adventures to be had. I am leaving fairly soon, and I have [...]

2010-06-14 // 5 Comments

2 Birds … 1 Stone …

  I wish I could take the credit for coming up with the name, but alas, young Peche (who doodled the ghetto owl) was the wordsworth. Who knew! If you are in Perth on the 30th July, or if you want to fly in, you should totes hit this up. [...]

2010-06-11 // 4 Comments

Deposit for the Wank Bank: Anthony Kiedis

I know this is like circa 2000 but I pretty much fell in love with him then. There was just something about that white blonde hair and tanned Cali skin. I actually have no idea what he looks like now…and quite frankly, don’t want to know [...]

2010-06-08 // 2 Comments


I love this French artist that throws up these little mosaic wonders. He even makes little maps so that you can find each ‘invasion’. In Montpellier (about as ghetto as France can get, even the homeboys look chic) he chose the location [...]

2010-06-05 // 8 Comments

Mama Africa

  Isaiah 51:1 Look to the rock from which you were cut and to the quarry from which you were hewn; The world cup is about to kick off in a week. How could I forget with the 400 out of my 900 facebook friends being in South Africa and reminding [...]

2010-06-04 // 3 Comments

Wear Sunscreen by Baz Luhrmann

If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. The long term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists, whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience. I will dispense [...]

2010-05-21 // 4 Comments

Imma take you back to the nineties

… to the ma’ fuckin 90’s yo! It seems as though the nineteen nineties have taken over the 80’s as the coolest decade. I think because it was now over a 10 years ago, and therefore can be classed as ‘retro’. I was [...]

2010-05-16 // 7 Comments


… the dude you’ve been talking to starts talking to the girl you utterly can’t stand? Doesn’t he KNOW she is a mole? … people who do nothing but watch Masterchef and stay at home criticize your efforts or hobbies? Yeah, [...]

2010-05-14 // 4 Comments

Time Out

So. I feel it necessary every so often to take a breather and reflect on this absurd blog. I like to call it a ‘time out’. Sometimes I bet alot of you think (’cause I know I do) , ‘Who does this Owl bird think she is?’ [...]

2010-05-10 // 10 Comments

In case you forgot…

I was featured in the contributor section of the last YEN mag. haha! Who says self praise is no [...]

2010-05-09 // 2 Comments

The Obnoxious Owl Experience – Week 3

FYI – The whole ‘Obnoxious Owl Experience’ week thing is not sequential (in case you were wondering). My Nokia 6700 captured a few rad things this week. Mainly me, but then, I’m pretty rad innit? But not as radical as [...]

2010-05-05 // 4 Comments


Oh God. I know Imma bit slow on the uptake here but I first clapped eyes on this vid yesterday. How good is B’s ass in those jeans!? I was crumpin in my car today to this [...]

2010-05-04 // 2 Comments

Beauty Cupboard Part 1

Yup, I’m about to share with you my most fave products that ever lived – and trust me, I’ve done the legwork. I have such an obsession with make-up, skincare and fragrance because it is THE best treat you could possibly buy [...]

2010-04-18 // 8 Comments

‘Oh hey baby, wanna play?’

I was cruising round David Jones Department Store today and would like to know WHY Barbie is now dressing like a high class hooker? Who the fuck is in charge of styling over at Mattel? Paris Hilton?And furthermore…why is it that black Barbie [...]

2010-04-14 // 3 Comments

The Beige List

See I think people don’t really get what I mean when I say something is ‘beige’. I keep seeing readers of this blog using it completely outta context! You can’t call someone or something ‘beige’ just because you [...]

2010-04-13 // 8 Comments

If I ain’t obnoxious then I’m rude…

It’s no secret that I have a passion for garish prints and bright colours. And obviously being from South Africa I kinda get nostalgic around anything ethnic inspired. So Rihanna’s new video for Rude Boy nearly sent me into convulsions. [...]

2010-04-09 // 4 Comments

Owl goes Gaga

Oh get off your ‘I’m-too-cool-to like-Gaga’ high horse and open your mind. In a sea of black skinny jeaned front men and laid back attitudes towards stage costume, Lady Gaga is just what we need. Her music is OK, (although I now [...]

2010-04-02 // 6 Comments

The Obnoxious Owl Experience

I have a ridiculous relationship with my camera phone. It’s not even a particularly good device but I just love the little sucker. I am a Nokia devotee because nothing pisses me off quite as much as when I a) can’t work out technology or [...]

2010-03-29 // 3 Comments


I went to see The Pixies last night. If anyone asks me what my favourite band is, The Pixies is always my answer. Sure I don’t listen to them all the time, and I’m really a bit of a hip hop and fresh new music kinda gal – but these [...]

2010-03-28 // 1 Comment


…you take your car through the car wash and you forget to close the back window? …the guy you’ve just had rumpy with, leaves his used condom on the floor? Manners costs nothing people. …all you want to do is sit down at the [...]

2010-02-24 // 5 Comments

Shelley Pratt – ‘TOTALLY BAKED’

If you are a reader of this blog (of course you are) then you will know I love cupcakes. I know it’s current pop culture fashion for everyone to love them right now, but I really do love the suckers. If you know this, then you will also know [...]

2010-02-19 // 5 Comments

KAZZ – Owner of Caribbean Kitchen

It is no secret that I have a passion for all things dance hall and dub step (those fly girls I used to work with in London will vouch for me) this being said, when I decided to throw this soiree I wanted it to be lively, I wanted colour, I wanted [...]

2010-02-17 // 1 Comment


NEW KICKS – They are so shiny, and clean and you have a million outfit possibilities going on in your head and your day is instantly brighter. THEMED CUPCAKES – I HATE themed parties but I LOVE themed cupcakes. It’s just genius, [...]

2010-02-16 // 1 Comment

Chris Hemingway – Event Organising Machine

OK, so it’s no secret I’m planning an epic party on Feb 27th to raise funds for Haiti and to get a bunch of amazoid peeps together. There are many fingers in this feathery pie so in the run up to the event I will be introducing you to [...]

2010-02-13 // 0 Comments


Yeah so what was supposed to be a small get together for all my rad Perth readers has turned into quite the extravaganza! Not that I’m complaining. During the planning process the horrible earthquake hit HAITI and I decided, along with my good [...]

2010-02-05 // 4 Comments


Soz for the lame play on words but I’m feeling a lil girly today. And I have to stress how much I friggin love LIME CRIME cosmetics. Seriously. Like Doe Deere (the creator) says, this is the usual lipstick colour palette… I mean, it [...]

2010-02-04 // 6 Comments

Check out my ride …

So at 28 years of age I finally acquired my driving license. Don’t snigger… I spent the better half of my twenties in London…and driving over there was just a decadence that I could not afford. So anyway, with a license comes some [...]

2010-01-28 // 4 Comments

OH no she didn’t…

Oh yes I did! After an unsuccessful hunt for blue lipstick a dear friend put me onto this fresh website called Lime Crime and I found the perfect shade of smurf! Don’t be too much in awe with my out-of-the box thinking … I was actually [...]

2010-01-17 // 4 Comments


… peeps don’t take that layer of plastic off the display screens on dvd and music players? Or worse, when they start to take it off then decide not to and put it back, so it has a bunch of air bubbles underneath it? Like FUCK, what are [...]

2010-01-16 // 6 Comments


Well you all know that my most favourite contemporary artist ever is my girl Motel 7. She is also the wonder behind my banner for this ‘ere blog. She has a solo show coming up in Amsterdam as well as Oslo where she currently resides. So if you [...]

2010-01-15 // 6 Comments

Let’s take a breath…

Today I’ve been working on an interview on a much respected artist from my own country South Africa. I enjoy interviewing and I enjoy art. If I’m being honest, I just love to look at it. I love bright colours and anything that makes [...]

2009-11-22 // 1 Comment


FOR BOYS ONLY So here we go then. A guide for you fellas in the art of cunnilingus. (‘Going down on us’ for the slow one’s). Believe it or not, there are a few woman who do not enjoy having their bit’s licked – they are [...]

2009-11-11 // 10 Comments


OK, So a little about my background. I was born in Cape Town to an English mother and a Portuguese father. I lived there until I was 18 before fleeing to England like everyone did in 1999. Many said I would be home by Christmas…I was gone for [...]

2009-11-02 // 7 Comments

Spike Savage – Writer

Being a woman of no nonsense and a general ‘dark’ sense of humour, I tend to find that most of my friends are male. This is not a conscious decision but more of a natural development. One of my dearest and dare I say it, oldest friends, [...]

2009-10-31 // 0 Comments


Motel7 better known to me as Toyah is talent incarnate. We met 3 years ago in Cape Town, subsequently because she read one of my blogs where I was ignorantly bitching and whining about the lack of fashion sense in the Mother City and she jokingly [...]

2009-10-19 // 1 Comment

Honey, they don’t call it a job for nothing.

OK, so I’m just gonna say it from the start. This is a blog about blow jobs. Now I have to be careful here because my dear mother reads my blog entries. But I did dish out some advice in an earlier entry advising that you should learn to give [...]

2009-10-17 // 2 Comments


So I have this great friend named Asha Davies. We mainly bonded over a love for Indian culture, hairy boys and red wine but the thing we both loved to do is dance like no one is watching. Actually, we’re both exhibitionists so we are probably [...]

2009-10-04 // 2 Comments

14 reasons why it sucked

OK so here’s the deal. Me + men are a pathetic match. Yet again I have been part of a failed relationship, this time it only last 4 months and we only had sex once (it was long distance). If I’m being honest, I kinda knew it was doomed [...]

2009-09-03 // 4 Comments