What is happening to Christina Aguilera?

I am utterly flabbergasted at the state of Mz Christina Aguilera.  I woke up this morning minding my own business, put the kettle on, switched my computer on and was utterly amazed at yet another breakdown dressed in a pseudo positive package was [...]

2012-11-21 // 10 Comments

Unless you have been surfing the waves of the internet with your eyes closed, you would have heard about Die Antwoord.   The South African site WATKYKJY (What are you looking at?) were main players in the MADNESS that is the success of the South [...]

2011-02-27 // 2 Comments


Well not really as it was last weekend but did I tell you I finally met M.I.A?  Those who follow this here blog on the reg will know that I have her on a bit of a pedestal. Well, I bumped into her at a party last Sunday night and I said hi. Nothing [...]

2011-02-14 // 1 Comment


I have spoken to many a creative on O.OWL and I have come to realize that those who have achieved the most are often the most humble.  Stones Throw Records and LA born and raised and  DAM FUNK  (pronounced ‘dame’ from [...]

2011-01-06 // 2 Comments

360 – Aus Rapper

I got to know 360 through Social Networks. Hey! don’t judge, it’s how all the kids do it these days, plus I know nothing about the Australian hip hop scene, so thanks to Sixty’s wit and ridiculousness on twitter I have become [...]

2010-12-08 // 1 Comment


  Lemme explain why I have mad love for Claw Money. 1) Her writing back in the 90’s was what first grabbed me. I love girls in graffiti. Why? Because its fucking hard to stand your ground and get taken seriously by the boys. You have to [...]

2010-08-29 // 1 Comment

Boy Meets Perth

Do any of you born in the eighties remember ‘Boy Meets World’? About Cory Matthews? His teacher lived next door? He had a hot girlfriend named Topanga? She got really fat when they went to college? More importantly, his hot friend Shawn [...]

2010-08-14 // 4 Comments

TYLER B MURPHY – Tattoo Artist

I like to go back to Africa every so often and pay homage to the land that reared me. On my last trip I paid Sins of Style a visit and Tyler hooked me up with a tattoo of an anchor on my inner arm. I wanted something meaningful done in my home town [...]

2010-08-03 // 5 Comments

Our Lil’

Other than Maya, I’d say Lily Allen is another flavour fave for moi. I don’t know what it is, I guess I enjoy the ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitudes of young girls going against social conformity, I dunno…mabes that my [...]

2010-07-09 // 5 Comments


First thing I thought of as soon as I heard Die Antwoord were receiving world recognition: “Does anyone who isn’t South African understand what they’re saying?” Generally us saffers are left shocked and amazed by the blatant [...]

2010-05-27 // 4 Comments

Tinie Tempah you devil!

Dunno if any of you remember his first tune “Wifey”? Well I do. When I lived in London I remember it being played countless times on Channel U. Aaah Channel U *sigh* – mostly crap but would sometimes deliver a cracker, and Patrick [...]

2010-04-20 // 4 Comments

Oh Johnny…

Soz but I could not go another minute without posting this picture. Oh my Good Glorious GOD…why in the hell did these 2 ever break up?! Look at Mossy just laying there as if it’s perfectly fine that J.Depp’s face is inches away [...]

2010-04-07 // 6 Comments

Shelley Pratt – ‘TOTALLY BAKED’

If you are a reader of this blog (of course you are) then you will know I love cupcakes. I know it’s current pop culture fashion for everyone to love them right now, but I really do love the suckers. If you know this, then you will also know [...]

2010-02-19 // 5 Comments

KAZZ – Owner of Caribbean Kitchen

It is no secret that I have a passion for all things dance hall and dub step (those fly girls I used to work with in London will vouch for me) this being said, when I decided to throw this soiree I wanted it to be lively, I wanted colour, I wanted [...]

2010-02-17 // 1 Comment

Chris Hemingway – Event Organising Machine

OK, so it’s no secret I’m planning an epic party on Feb 27th to raise funds for Haiti and to get a bunch of amazoid peeps together. There are many fingers in this feathery pie so in the run up to the event I will be introducing you to [...]

2010-02-13 // 0 Comments


Well you all know that my most favourite contemporary artist ever is my girl Motel 7. She is also the wonder behind my banner for this ‘ere blog. She has a solo show coming up in Amsterdam as well as Oslo where she currently resides. So if you [...]

2010-01-15 // 6 Comments