…you take your car through the car wash and you forget to close the back window?
…the guy you’ve just had rumpy with, leaves his used condom on the floor? Manners costs nothing people.
…all you want to do is sit down at the hairdresser, read the 3 year old Vogue and sip a latte, but all your stylist wants to do is tell you about her boyfriend or what her new bad tattoo means? You just snip some barnet sweetheart, OK?
…you drive perfectly well on your own, but when there are 3 loud mouths in the vehicle you suddenly make a squillion mistakes?
…musicians that are LEGENDS start plugging their albums on talk shows and tell you how you can even download it into a ring tone? John Lennon would be rolling in his grave Ringo Star! You muppet.
…your bra straps keep falling down? It’s up there with flies as the most consistently annoying thing ever.
…you live outside of Western Australia and you can’t come to my amazillion party this weekend?
kisses xx

5 Comments on DON’T YOU JUST HATE IT WHEN…(6)

  1. i am devastated!! i would be there but my best mates are heading here this weekend so i cant leave it unattended – the city that is. :) have a ball you deserve it gorgeous xoxoxoxo

  2. I live outside of Western Australia and I can't come to your amazillion party this weekend… FUCK A DUCK.

  3. I am so not even in Australia let alone Western Oz but am sending a friend. Delegation is key.

  4. oh wow, the owl is reading my blog 😉 thank you so much and have a nice day…

  5. sure am Ms Marshmellow :) Savyra, tell your 'representative' to come say hi! x

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