OO’s top 8 fashion flicks of all time




I’ll start with the mothership, shall I? Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan. This movie was everything to me then, and has consistently remained everything to me now. She wore like three outfits throughout the entire movie. That’s it. And yet, she caused such a stir. Because you don’t remember the clothes, you remember the woman. But srsly, don’t even get me started on those boots and that jacket.



Not only does She’s Out of Control! star hold-me-closer-Tony-Danza, whom I was so obsessed with in Who’s the Boss? when I was a kid that I taped an episode on, what I thought to be an empty VHS tape, but happened to be the single video recording of my baby sister’s first steps hence why I am now forced to be in a committed relationship with him for the rest of my life. But this movie has a winning formula of Tony, a 16 yr old nerd becoming the most popular girl at school after you removed her braces and glasses and clothes that are kinda slutty for a teenager but still cool.



Penny in Dirty Dancing. Yes Patrick is hot here, yes. And fucking Baby is crying (there’s a surprise) but Penny! Mmmmm. She brought the heat in that black leotard…remember that part when she is dancing with them in the studio? Baby looks cute here though in her white shirt, cut offs combo but Penny looks smoking in them red pedal pushers. 10 bucks says her and Jonny definitely boned at some point.



This bathroom scene in Working Girl is a main standout when I think about this film. Whenever someone brings it up (it happens) I immediately think of this bathroom. The fashion and hair is all verrrrrrrrrry eighties. Like, HECTIC eighties. But that bathroom though…


Chloe Webb and Gary Oldman in the film Sid and Nancy

The way the actress who plays Nancy, Chloe Webb, dressed in the movie Sid and Nancy, pushed me into one of my ‘only obsessed with one thing for a few days’ phases. I now know everything there is to know about The Sex Pistols which means she was great at her job as a groupie after all!



Sienna Miller in Alfie. It’s not hard to look schmick when you’re a looker like her but in this scene, she had just started to paint the apartment bright blue whilst drunk, in one of Alfie’s favourite shirts and yet, despite the fact that she is losing her mind, this could be a mag cover. I’m telling you, the coolest ones are always bat shit crazy.



Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead. Christina Applegate. Early Nineties. She probably listened to a mixture of Immaculate Collection by Madonna and some Nirvana. Proof that grunge can go glam. Kelly Bundy never looked so good.



Nope. Not all chicks! I saved the best for last…Duckie (Jon Cryer) in Pretty in Pink. Molly Ringwald was basically the Queen of the Eighties but for me, this movie is cemented in my heart because of one man and his exquisite threads, sparkly trinkets and finery. The boy that stole my heart, Duckie.

Thank you for reading today! I’ll let Duckie see you out.

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  1. DISHES ARE DONE! Don’t tell mum the babysitters dead was everything to me

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