Knob End Alerts

The following are fairly good indicators of a wanker, or a group there of. As usual, take this post with the proverbial, some people just have poor judgment and are not necessarily wanky. But unfortch, these things usually mean they are.
  • Hummer limo’s – the douche bag ride of choice
  • Hen nights that involve dressing in pink, and wearing plastic cocks on your head
  • Incessant name droppers
  • After speaking to them for an hour, you still don’t know what they actually DO
  • They go on and on and on and fucking ON about their Apple Mac’s/Iphones *yawn*
  • Even if it’s minus 300 degrees out, they will still pull their sleeves up so you can see their forearm tattoos, or wear a low v neck so you can see their ‘chest piece’.
  • They say things like ‘chest piece’
  • Fake BAP hoodies
  • Playboy logos
  • Playboy logos on cars
  • Their favourite band is like from Nepal or some shit. Knob ends LOVE mentioning obscure music.
  • Non ironic personalised number plates
  • Any night club that has a dress code. Wankers will probs hire a hummer limo to take them to such a venue
  • ‘funny’ slogan tee’s. Like, ‘I’m the wing man’ – for example.
  • Perfectly dishevelled hair that took 3 hours to achieve.
  • Glasses with no lenses (why?)
  • Peeps who denounce a band the second they get the slightest of breaks
  • Those who reckon they ‘invented’ fashion trends.

You are most welcome x

6 Comments on Knob End Alerts

  1. lolz, i am one of those apple iphone/mac jerks for sure

  2. (Unrelated kind of) but I got your obnoxious owl bumber sticker in the mail last week – all the way over here in NZ! Now I'm being a wanker by showing it off to mah-friends. I love it. Thank you xxx

  3. One of my biggest pet hates are those shitty slogan tee's from Jay Jay's. Hey guy, way to get yourself ANYTHING BUT LAID TONIGHT!

  4. haha, I always feel bad after one of these posts. But i'm always inspired to make lists after a weekend.

  5. Ha, love!

    Although I denounced Kings of Leon when they brought out their most recent U2 sounding tripe. Although I still payed money to see them in a stupidly big arena with a bunch of bogans that only knew one song.

  6. Nancy, I think many were with you on that one. xx

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