Oh Johnny…

Soz but I could not go another minute without posting this picture. Oh my Good Glorious GOD…why in the hell did these 2 ever break up?! Look at Mossy just laying there as if it’s perfectly fine that J.Depp’s face is inches away from her lady moneybox. What the fuck is it about Johnny hey? Like, there are WAY more textbook good looking dudes out there i.e. Diplo, David Beckham, Brad Pitt when he had his top off as the pikey in ‘Snatch’, but Sir Depp just has those frikkin come-fuck-me eyes like he will just tenderly bend you over, grab your hair, pull your head back and whisper filthy nothings into your ear…I just made that up…I’ve never actually imagined that before…honest! A.N.Y.W.A.Y…I don’t actually reckon that Johnny Depp could ever rape anyone either. Like if someone ‘attacked’ you and you turned around to discover it was Johnny I very much doubt you would scream for help. Seriously man, that shit ain’t rape – it’s role play.

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  1. Very nice blog!!!! I lOve IT :-)

  2. And so say all of us. And I second that emotion Owl re the Depp.

  3. Oh god he is too many kinds of handsome and sexy. I saw him in real life at the premiere of the 2nd Pirates of the carribean film and I literally started hyperventilating. I cannot believe her's in his late 40s.

  4. here here lady! well put :)

  5. just jizzed in my pants

  6. I know…I know.

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