Beyonce’s little sister is cooler

I dunno hey, the sister of Beyonce is somehow a little cooler.  I mean, it helps this video is filmed in Cape Town which is pulling at my heart strings but her steeze in this video is so on point and effortless.  You know like how Prada and Miu Miu are the same company?  Prada being the main bitch and Miu Miu the little sister?  And like how you get Marc Jacobs and then  Marc by Marc Jacobs?  The latter may be a little less expensive, a little more unknown and more understated but its always cooler and more on the pulse. It has nothing to prove and is happy to be in the shadow because well, it’s cooler in the shade.  This song and clip gets two Obnoxious Owl emoji thumbs up!


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  1. Anonymous // 2012-10-07 at 11:43 PM // Reply

    “Happy to be in the shadow, coz it’s cooler in the shade” – That’s brilliant! 🙂

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