Steeze Inspo for Summer 2011

Someone mentioned Ja Rule last night for some God damn reason, not sure why … but it reminded me of those mad collabs Jennifer Lopez used to do with him in 2001..or was it 2002? Oh bite me you fact Nazi’s. Anyway, I used to fucking love those tunes. I came home and did a bit of YouTube action and in the process, got totally inspired for my look this summer. Yes Owlettes (see how I used a capital?) I am bringing back velour…you just try and stop me. This vid totes reminds me of school holidays back in Rape Town, South Africa when we used to just hang around the neighbourhood streets with boys that were bad for us. Oh the memories … *sigh* um OK, actually the memories can stop now…*shudder*

Whatever ones opinion of ‘J’ to the ‘Lo’, the bitch is banging, you can’t deny, and I want to look like her.


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