Deposit for the Wank Bank: Anthony Kiedis

I know this is like circa 2000 but I pretty much fell in love with him then. There was just something about that white blonde hair and tanned Cali skin. I actually have no idea what he looks like now…and quite frankly, don’t want to know [...]

2010-06-08 // 2 Comments

What they really mean when they say…

“I’ve just been real busy” = He can’t be fucked. “I was gonna come meet you but I fell asleep” = He can’t be fucked. “I have to do something else first, but I can meet you at about midnight [...]

2010-05-11 // 6 Comments

Oh Johnny…

Soz but I could not go another minute without posting this picture. Oh my Good Glorious GOD…why in the hell did these 2 ever break up?! Look at Mossy just laying there as if it’s perfectly fine that J.Depp’s face is inches away [...]

2010-04-07 // 6 Comments