GIOGO Interview for Obnoxious Owl from GIOGO Girls on Vimeo. The GIOGO girls caught my eye on highsnobette a few months back and I instantly hit them up.  I just find them so engaging and genuine you know?  They make you feel like you want to be [...]

2011-09-16 // 3 Comments

Pete from ‘For the Homies’

Pete Le Chic is all in the name. Straight cut and sleek. Clothing with no mess and no fuss. Just like this post. IN MY DREAMS … I am a king. But there are no civilians in my castle just animals and we don’t speak the same language so [...]

2011-05-17 // 4 Comments

KARA – Y’OH designer

My home girl from London is probably biting her little fingernails as we speak.  Tonight is the long awaited launch of her label Y’OH along side KIDS OF GRIME.  Kara has one up on most mens street wear designers…as in she [...]

2011-04-28 // 0 Comments


I always have to write KREAYSHAWN in capitol letters. Peep her website and watch her videos and you will see that there is nothing lower case about this broad from The Bay who has her manicured fingers in so many pies.  These pies include video [...]

2011-04-03 // 5 Comments


I would just like to start off by saying that I am rubbish at life. I hung out with Panda over 6 weeks ago and I am only posting now. Truth is? I lost my notes. Yes I know…I’m a winner. Anyway, onwards! When asking Derwin aka GOLD PANDA [...]

2011-03-13 // 1 Comment

Unless you have been surfing the waves of the internet with your eyes closed, you would have heard about Die Antwoord.   The South African site WATKYKJY (What are you looking at?) were main players in the MADNESS that is the success of the South [...]

2011-02-27 // 2 Comments


I have spoken to many a creative on O.OWL and I have come to realize that those who have achieved the most are often the most humble.  Stones Throw Records and LA born and raised and  DAM FUNK  (pronounced ‘dame’ from [...]

2011-01-06 // 2 Comments

360 – Aus Rapper

I got to know 360 through Social Networks. Hey! don’t judge, it’s how all the kids do it these days, plus I know nothing about the Australian hip hop scene, so thanks to Sixty’s wit and ridiculousness on twitter I have become [...]

2010-12-08 // 1 Comment


  Lemme explain why I have mad love for Claw Money. 1) Her writing back in the 90’s was what first grabbed me. I love girls in graffiti. Why? Because its fucking hard to stand your ground and get taken seriously by the boys. You have to [...]

2010-08-29 // 1 Comment

TYLER B MURPHY – Tattoo Artist

I like to go back to Africa every so often and pay homage to the land that reared me. On my last trip I paid Sins of Style a visit and Tyler hooked me up with a tattoo of an anchor on my inner arm. I wanted something meaningful done in my home town [...]

2010-08-03 // 5 Comments

Shelley Pratt – ‘TOTALLY BAKED’

If you are a reader of this blog (of course you are) then you will know I love cupcakes. I know it’s current pop culture fashion for everyone to love them right now, but I really do love the suckers. If you know this, then you will also know [...]

2010-02-19 // 5 Comments

KAZZ – Owner of Caribbean Kitchen

It is no secret that I have a passion for all things dance hall and dub step (those fly girls I used to work with in London will vouch for me) this being said, when I decided to throw this soiree I wanted it to be lively, I wanted colour, I wanted [...]

2010-02-17 // 1 Comment

Chris Hemingway – Event Organising Machine

OK, so it’s no secret I’m planning an epic party on Feb 27th to raise funds for Haiti and to get a bunch of amazoid peeps together. There are many fingers in this feathery pie so in the run up to the event I will be introducing you to [...]

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Motel7 better known to me as Toyah is talent incarnate. We met 3 years ago in Cape Town, subsequently because she read one of my blogs where I was ignorantly bitching and whining about the lack of fashion sense in the Mother City and she jokingly [...]

2009-10-19 // 1 Comment