Choose your friends like you do your cheese. Wisely.

You never feel self concious around them. This stems from not being afraid of being judged…because let’s be honest, we all fear being judged. Even when people go, ‘I don’t give a fuck, I do what I want’ – they [...]

2012-05-06 // 2 Comments

How to make friends and get under the influence with people

YOU DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYTHING.  People bond with each other by sharing something new and interesting and then shutting up and learning.  Give and take.  Push and Pull.  Sometimes, like maybe, if you want, start a sentence [...]

2012-03-22 // 1 Comment

Great ways to make people want to punch you with a brick

FUCK THEIR BOYFRIEND / GIRLFRIEND / EX / PERSON THEY HAVE HAD A MAD CRUSH ON FOR AGES AND YOU KNEW ABOUT IT ETC ETC Do not underestimate jealousy and the monster effect it can have on people.  Dudes beat up women over it. Girls pretend they are [...]

2011-04-14 // 5 Comments

It’s a breakup because it’s broken

THE WHOLE EVENT IS JUST A SHOW OF FUCKERY There is no right or wrong and nothing about it is easy. It’s like cracking and separating an egg.  You crack the shell (your heart) and tip the egg whites to and fro (your relationship) and try to [...]

2010-10-14 // 7 Comments

Single to Mingle

I’m 28 years old and give or take a few hit and misses, I have been single for 3 years. These are my views… SEX – I’m not only starting this post with this topic because I am the Owl – (we use caps for the Owl now [...]

2010-03-08 // 3 Comments