Take my advice…I don’t use it anyway HOMME Part 13

IF A GIRL MESSAGES AND CALLS YOU INCESSANTLY IT’S BECAUSE SHE HAS TOO MUCH TIME ON HER HANDS – Sometimes it would seem that she may be obsessed, and often it is, but it’s also out of boredom or because you said you would call, then you didn’t so she feels rejected and is searching to nurture her bruised self esteem. So don’t flatter yourself and think it’s all about you. Girl may just be going through some personal issues or some shit.
WE WON’T JUDGE YOU IF YOU ENJOY WATCHING SEX AND THE CITY – We won’t even tell anyone if you don’t want us to.
DON’T REQUEST DIRTY PHOTOS – If she wants to do it, she’ll do it of her own accord. But if she reads this blog, then she probs won’t, ’cause I’m always advising my girls not to. It’s never a good idea really. Wouldn’t you rather be sticking it in the real thing than having a little wank over a pixelated photo on your crappy Nokia?
IF SHE HAS SEX WITH YOU ON THE FIRST DATE, IT DOES NOT MAKE HER A WHORE – ffs. It’s 2010. Aren’t we done with these old school rules? Ladies have needs too you know. If the moment feels right, and you’re attracted to one another, and she decides to throw caution to the wind, DON’T get up on your holier than though pedestal and write her off as some kinda floozy.
SOME SAY THE EYES ARE THE WINDOWS TO A PERSONS SOUL – I say it’s shoes. Bad shoes show poor judgment. How could you possibly think fake reptile, pointy toes, white slip on shoes are good? Sort your life out.
DON’T LET YOUR NEW GIRLFRIEND RING YOUR EX GIRLFRIEND – What kind of pussy little boy allows that? I’ve seen it time and time again. The ex gets a message FROM YOUR PHONE I might add, asking the ex to stay away blah blah. It is just so pathetic. a) It makes it look like your new relationship is about as tight as Lindsay Lohans vagina; and b) it makes YOU look like a pansy. Grow some. And keep yO woman in line.
Here are some alternative shoe suggestions honey x

5 Comments on Take my advice…I don’t use it anyway HOMME Part 13

  1. awww you called us "your girls" :) so cute

  2. Madeline // 2010-05-27 at 5:56 PM // Reply

    The “Golly Gosh, They’re Pretty Slammin' Sneakers You Have There” fuck!

    I need a guy who is man enough to rock these: http://www.sneakerfreaker.com/sneaker-releases/Converse-Jack-Purcell-Sequin-Pack/

    <3 this blog makes days like this in Perth bearable

  3. Holla at those kicks Maddy! xx

  4. Great advice. SERIOUSLY, DON'T ASK FOR DIRTY PHOTOS, BOYS. We will think less of you, at least a teensy bit. Sorry.

  5. I definitely agree it's not a good idea to send dirty photos… maybe the occasionally cheeky 'oh-my top came-up-when-I-stretched-and-shows-my-toned-belly' shot, but more than that is asking for trouble.

    BUT at the same time… I wouldn't look down on a guy that wanted a naughty photo from his girl. C'mon ladies, it just means the fella would rather have a pull over YOU than some nameless chick on the internet <3

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