Beauty Cupboard Part 1

Yup, I’m about to share with you my most fave products that ever lived – and trust me, I’ve done the legwork. I have such an obsession with make-up, skincare and fragrance because it is THE best treat you could possibly buy yourself. It’s sole purpose in life is to make you a ‘lil more bangin. (aw thanks guys!) Clothes just make you feel fat and food MAKES you fat so beauty products is where it’s at! I’m not getting paid to promote any of these (although if anyone from these companies reads this post and want to throw some my way, gimme a holla!) So with no further delay, I give you: Owls Beauty Essentials.
I am a tan junkie. And it’s no secret (as much as I try to keep it as one) that I hit the solarium from time to time. Yeah I know, naughty naughty but whatevs. Luckily I’m blessed with olive skin because of my dads Portuguese heritage, but alas, I have my mothers genetics too…and she is a ginger ninja (a nice one) which makes me pretty prone to freckles. St Tropez is a mother fuckin life saver. If I’m feeling ill, fat or gross I slap this brown miracle worker all over my bod. Hey! When I self hate I self tan! It is by far the best brand out there. I’ve used others and yeah they’re OK but I always end up back with ‘ol faithful. It looks the most natural, like I never get a ‘Are you wearing fake tan?’ question, I just get told ‘You’re looking well’ which = win! Plus it doesn’t have the minging chemical smell most of them have. Me and St Tropez are gonna be getting emotional together this winter, I can tell ya that RIGHT now.
Darphin skincare is the most amazing thing I’ve ever used ever, like EVER! Seriously. Years ago when I was living in London a friend got me onto this French marvel (of course it’s French), I was feeling run down and having a skin crisis and she got me a couple of samples of the entire range. Within like 3 days my skin looked like a baby’s ass after a warm bath. Increds! It’s all natural and smells beeeeyewtiful. I seriously wanna root this product hey. It’s a bit pricey, I ain’t gonna lie, which is why I will admit, it’s not always a bathroom staple for me. But when my bank account isn’t undergoing rape or my skin looks like a bad day in Bosnia, I get my claws into this baby and my GOD it works. If you can’t afford the whole range, get hold of the Cleansing Aromatic Emulsion – it’s pretty much all you’ll need. You can buy it from Mecca here in Aus, and Space NK, Harrods and Fenwick in London. To find out where to get it in your neck of the woods, peep it here.

I moisturise my entire self from head to toe after every shower. And I’m a sucker for the Body Shops Body Butters…Brazil Nut in particular. It smells so ‘effin delicious I have to sometimes stop myself from licking my arm! Grapefruit is my fave in summer but I really am addicted to it’s nuttier mate. It’s fairly inexpensive and pretty much amazing. The only thing is though, is that it gets under my acrylics because it’s in a tub. But that’s my own fault for wanting hooker nails.
I looooooooove lipsticks. They are an as important accessory to my wardrobe as my jewellery. I have like 812 all up – OK, I only have 11, but you get my point. Now I like to wear it daily, and whilst I enjoy bright colours (I even have blue lippy) it’s not exactly practical to be rocking rainbow lips everyday of the week. So my fave staple lip smacker is by my old friend M.A.C and the colour is ‘BOMBSHELL‘. I reapply this bad boy about 20 times a day and therefore go through alot of them. (Did you know if you take 6 empty M.A.C containers to the counter, they give you a free lipstick of your choice? It’s all about recycling honey – true story) My favourite daily make-up look is bronzed skin, defined eyes, rosy cheeks and plump pink lips (oh get your mind outta the gutter). This colour helps me achieve said look so if that’s your thing too, give it a whirl.

Now I didn’t want this post to be all about M.A.C – especially as I do use alot of it. Hey it can’t be helped, my younger sis is a M.A.C make-up artist so I get alotta loot, what can ya do? Anyhow, I wear liquid eyeliner And I have done for about 10 years. No joke. I have tried all of them. I really have. Even the cheap 2 quid one’s from H&M.; Therefore I can categorically say that M.A.C’s liquid eyeliner is the bomb diggidy. It lasts for aaaaaaages and it’s precise. It has a texter like tip so it makes it hella easy to apply, and it comes in quite a few colours. Black liquid eyeliner does to the face what a Wonderbra does to your tits. Invest in this owlettes.

Ah yes, an obvious next choice after the liquid liner is the hall of fame red lippy. EVERYONE suits red lipstick. Ya just gotta find the right shade. An absolute winner is NARS lipstick in JUNGLE RED. It is seriously Gwen Stefani worthy. I am yet to see anyone who doesn’t suit this colour red. Don’t say you can’t wear red because you have thin lips either…get all Kirsten Dunst about it and embrace the crimson honey. Red on the lips is classic, yet makes you look instantly contemporary – so you’re going out and you are just wearing jeans, Converse and a white tshirt? Slap some red on your kisser and you’ll look instantly fuckable. Hit up NARS in general though, it’s a pretty radical brand. A few honourable mentions that I carry in my lipstick wardrobe as far as red hue’s go is LADY DANGER by M-A-C (sozz) and RETROFURIST OPAQUE LIPSTICK by LIMECRIME – pretty much the colour Snow White woulda worn if she wasn’t off shagging dwarfs.

As many of you are aware, I am pretty much married to my acrylic nails. Unfortunately they aren’t too kind to your own nails or cuticles. Which is why I always make sure I apply hand cream throughout the day and especially at night before zzzzz. CLARINS HAND AND NAIL TREATMENT is bloody LUSH. It smells like heaven and makes your hands feel like 30 bucks. (That’s how much it costs) – so worth it though! This shit is so addictive it’s like hand cream crack.

When my folks were handing out eyelashes, I’m pretty sure my sisters got dibs on it ’cause it’s almost as if I was given pubic hair by accident. For seez, my eyelashes are ridiculous – and not in a good way. Which is why I need all the help I can get! Eyelash curlers save my life. Hmmm, that sounded a bit dramatic, but Imma trying to get a point across ‘ere! If your eyes are your window to your soul, then don’t be skimping on them! shu uemura is pretty much the Rolls Royce of eyelash pimpers. Look into it.

Alright so just one more M.A.C thing OK? Ya know like how I was saying I like bronzed skin, pink lips, defined eyes and rosy cheeks? Well. look no further than this shade of amazing. The colour is called DOLLYMIX by (yawn) M.A.C and it makes my privates tingle. I love this colour hey. It may be a lil too bright for fairer girls but if you are feeling brave, give it a try. I usually prefer creamier blushes, but I really do love this little baby. You just gotta watch you don’t pile too much on and end up looking like you applied your make up with a spatula. Ya get me?

Hands up who is addicted to lip balm??!!! Yeah man, it’s mental. My lips get dryer than a nun’s fanny if I don’t apply some lubrication on the regular. CARMEX is THE BEST. Plus I love how it comes in a little yellow tin, it kinda gives it that retro feel. I first got hooked on this when I worked for Urban Outfitters, and we used to sell around 2000 of these suckers in a week! We kept them in cookie jars throughout the stores and they constantly needed refilling. You can get it at most pharmacies and I seriously suggest you do. I bet you’re an addict after the first time you try it. Keep them kissers kissable ladies!

When I was a teenager I used to put so much foundation on, ya coulda scraped some off my jaw line and used it to fill the cracks in a wall! MAINLY because I fucking HATED my freckles. Now as I get a little, ehrm, older I have embraced the freckling and prefer lighter coverage and realised that as far as foundation goes…you get what you pay for. End of. GIORGIO ARMANI FACE FABRIC is actually what the name says. Your face feels like it’s been swathed in a piece of beige silk. It is seriously in.sane. It covers just enough so you look relatively flawless (more flawless than you already are awww) but kinda gives the impression you aren’t wearing any. Sound too good to be true? It ain’t.

I am one of them girls that has to wash her hair daily. For some unGodly reason my hair is getting finer as I creep into my 30’s, which is a pain in the tits, ’cause I HATE HATE fucking HATE flat hair. Then I came across this bad ass. And I’m glad I did, because it’s basically the dictator of hair products, and my hair listens to everything it tells it to do. KMS HAIRPLAY is a dry wax in spray form that won’t leave your hair feeling gunky and just kinda more manageable, especially after you’ve just washed it and it has the texture of bum fluff. I heart this very much.Fragrance I think should be personal. Your signature scent should be kept under wraps and lie if someone asks you what you’re wearing. (FYI, if your signature scent is a celeb fragrance…we need to talk). So I am keeping my lip zipped as far as my sig scent is concerned, but what I WILL share with you is what I wear on the not so special occasions, like normal days at work, the movies, whatever. I always get asked about this and it’s LAURA MERCIER in CREME BRULEE. Obviously a scent named after a dessert is gonna be tasty. WARNING: You will get asked at least 3 times a day what you’re wearing if you indulge in this.

I have advised you in countless previous posts to remove your make-up before you hit the pillow. Easier said than done when you roll in at 4am looking like something that lines the bottom of a birdcage and you would rather stick a fork in your eye than get involved in any sort of beauty regime. Face wipes is proof that God is a woman. NIVEA in my opinion are ze best. It’s slightly creamier than other brands, and better at removing eye make-up without dragging the fine skin under the eye. You should be keeping this in your bag as well in case you spend the night in the company of a male, and you wake up the next morning resembling Pamela the Panda. Just run these under your eye and BAM! the dirt is gone. They are also great for when you just wanna refresh your make-up before you go out and haven’t got time to shower. Just wipe this over your mug then reapply. God, it’s scary how much you lot need me.

The two best things for a glowing complexion is loads of water and loads of sex. But if like me you are not indulging in the latter, you may wanna get your paws onto BENEFIT HIGH BEAM. I bloody love BENEFIT. The packaging is adorable (I am easily sucked in by a good container) and whilst it may look a bit ‘novelty’ it defs does the job. Just run this glorious stuff along your cheekbones and brow bones before (or after actually) your foundation and you will look like you’ve just had the lay of your life. Hey! Some of us have to make do with material things.

You are never to young to start using eye cream. Heck I wish I started when I was a toddler (gee thanks Mum). But I didn’t so therefore I spend mega $$$ on it now. ELIZABETH ARDEN PREVAGE is literally like skin poly filler. It’s almost as though you see the skin tighten right in front of your um, eyes. I realise that many probs couldn’t afford this (me included) but I wanted to tell you about the best I have ever come across and seriously, this is it. It’s supposed to have the foreskins of circumcised infants as one of it’s ingredients (er….OK) so mabes that’s why it’s a squillion dollars. But man oh man, I’d bath in this shit if I could…baby penis and all.Ok so it wasn’t 10…more like 16. Whatever man, I can do what I want. Lemme know if any of you use any of these, and if you don’t and you give any a try, tell a girl what you think. How dope is it being a lady hey? Fuck being a man. If they are fugly, there ain’t much homeboy can do about it.

Love ya xx

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  1. I totally agree with you on the Bodyshop body butter! They all smell divine and half the time I have to stop myself from tasting it. I'm a poor student so I can't afford to buy MAC etc, but I'm living in the knowledge that getting a regular paycheck in future is going to help me indulge. It's almost worth giving up my long uni holidays for.

  2. I really love posts like these, maybe I'll start one like that soon, too… and I'm always thankfful for advice!

  3. dammit, now i want like a million things haha! i use high beam and LOVE it, and always have a mac lipstick on me. thanks for sharing with us :)

  4. It's beauty porn! xxxx

  5. I used to work in cosmetics and my counter was right next to Elizabeth Arden's. I used to always pop over and use Prevage, I loved the stuff!

  6. These products all sound way too incredible!
    But I'm broke as a joke in college… could you, would you ever make a list of not-as-great but better than most Beauty products in a less luxurious price range?

  7. I'm working on it Sarag girl x

  8. he he…. I totally live on liquid liner, bronzer, self tan and mascara… its all a girl need really… although of course not too much..don wanna look like an orange either.

    Love the products… and i really need to get more into my lippy- :) thanks for the beauty post I loved it!

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