The Obnoxious Owl experience: Perth for Christmas


Scarborough Beach

I went to Perth for the holidays because my parents, sisters and dogs live there and also, my family from Cape Town came over for an Australian holiday and I haven’t seen them in years. I went from living alone to living with ten people and I loved every minute of it! Of course I fought with my mother, burnt my nose despite using sunscreen and ate too much but through all that I fell in love with the city that has a population of five. It was my first landing when I arrived in Aus and whilst it might not have as much to offer in the way of nightlife, restaurants and um, anything reasonably priced. It has a lifestyle that our Northern Hemisphere mates only dream of! Which is probably why they are all bloody there.


I am really happy in Melbourne but I am not against the idea of eventually ending up in a little cottage beside the sea in the most isolated city in the world. I have been a little depressed over the last two years, I won’t lie. I have put it down to not enough sun and not being near the ocean enough. My grandad has been cursed with Parkinsons disease and while he is not very old he can hardly walk or talk as the disease is slowly ripping through him. My dad, brother-in-law and cousin carried him into the sea at sunset the night before I left and he swam with all of us, his family, for ages.

That night he had a spring in his step and a glow about him that none of us had seen in ages. The sea can do that to a person. When you are out there you feel so insignificant. Your problems seem to evaporate and seem petty as you struggle against the waves and battle to comprehend the sheer vastness of that body of water. You practically feel like you have been baptised when you eventually get out. It seems to wash away doubt and make you feel almost brand new.

Yes I’m a hippy now.

Here are my instagramz from my trip back to Western Australia. Instagram in my camera! I should think about getting an actual camera but really…I don’t see much point. I have a little Mini Diana which I have been using as well. Either way, I have been capturing my moments.

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My old street in Northbridge



Windy day at Mullaloo


The best house on the street in Carramar


Palm trees in Mount Lawley


Penny from Peggy Sue’s Hair Salon


My new do thanks to Peggy Sue


Sunset at Mullaloo – look at those rays!


My best friend and I at Summerdayz


M.I.A at Summerdayz


Tanning and reading at Scarborough


Biscuit! She belongs to my sister


Amplifier Bar! A Perth institution


Pillows at Neon Pony on William Street in Northbridge



Sandy feet! Towel by Pendleton


Dancing up a storm


One Piece by Pulp Kitchen Clothing


Frangipanis in Mum’s garden


In Dad’s hammock listening to Ella Fitzgerald


A beautiful end to a beautiful day at Mullaloo

8 Comments on The Obnoxious Owl experience: Perth for Christmas

  1. I totally agree with your sentiments regarding the sea – a trip to the beach or waterfront always seems to calm me down or energise me, whatever it is I’m in need of. Really loved this post :) xx

  2. Hi,

    Do you know where those pillows are from? I need them in my life.

    E x

  3. Hello OO!
    Firstly oh wow for carrying grandad into the sea for some swim time :) So often it’s the simple things that make such a difference.
    Secondly, do I recognise the dress under ur drink in the second pic?
    Thanks for the mentions and Im so glad you loved our store which sadly is popping down on 24 Jan til we find a new base. But we should be online soon and happy to post any much needed neon cushions anywhere by contacting us on Facebook!

    • Hi Kate!
      Yes you recognize correctly! I spent ages in your store, I do hope you find somewhere soon! You have a fantastic eye!
      I’ll be putting an order in for those cushions soon! Look out on Facebook and please let me know about any further ventures!
      Tammy x

  4. What a beautiful thing you all did for your Grandad. I’m sure he will be thinking about that moment on a regular basis and remembering how wonderful he felt.

    Love reading your blog – it’s my favourite distraction from getting work done!

  5. So in love with this post and the story about your grandad. So eloquently put, the bit about the sea, and it’s true as the day is long. Hugs from Atlanta!

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