The problem with…


The problem with articles that begin with ‘the problem with’ is that all it does is bring to light someone’s illusion of reality. The problem with ‘the problem with’ is that it incites a problem that may have never been there in the first place. It shines a light on paranoia, judgement and, the quarter pounder of the lot, fear. For the mind loves a problem like a mouse loves cheese. And we only know a mouse loves cheese because we all watched cartoons.

Statues will fall and be erected and politicians stealing is as sure as us picking at the seedless grapes in the supermarket with no intention of buying. Nothing in life is consistent except life itself. And life is love and love is the truth. And truth is a feeling, not the mind made problems with problems that just don’t matter. Everyone’s sense of reality is different based on experience therefore we jump to assumptions and conclusions by manufacturing facts out of thin bullshit.

There is no problem except for the problem with.

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