BEAUTY CUPBOARD – The Summer Edition

Owlies I love the ocean…like love it. Living in the middle of the city has its advantages but living near the sea ain’t it. I also adore summer and all it’s trimmings. The smell of coconut oil on the beach, people are happier than usual, white wine suddenly tastes fine and when you are bronzed you look thinner, fact! Before I get to the consumable beauty essentials lets talk the beach! My sisters laughed at me when I did this last week but I was laughing last when I had a complexion to rival the latest edition of Photoshop! When you go for a dip in the sea, take a little of wet sand between your hands and GENTLY massage your face and body with it. After rinsing off with saltwater before taking a cold shower then dousing yourself in a rich body lotion and a good nights kip you will look a hundred bucks!


But now onto the most important thing after Sangria this summer….sunscreen!





This one by Neutrogena is without a doubt the best I have ever used and growing up in the Southern Hemisphere, I have used a few! These are the things I like about a sunscreen: Factor 30 TICK! Light and non-sticky on the skin TICK! Waterproof TICK! Comes in a mist for easy application and so that you don’t need some chump to put it on for you TICK! Reasonably priced TICK! This guy has it all baby. And don’t be put off by factor 30 because you will still tan you just won’t burn. And I was very aware of burning this summer because I have recently become a red head and did not want to look like a lobster. Can you imagine?! However saying that…





I do like me a bit of Reef Sun Tan Oil because summer just wouldn’t be summer without something coconutty and I only use this on my legs because legs just don’t tan do they? My rule is 30 from the waist up especially the face and 15 SPF from the waist down. This concoction served me well and I came out looking like this #nofilter





Ok maybe some filter but no make-up! The hashtag should have been #startledexpression





To keep that tan going use Palmers Natural Bronze body lotion. It gives you a nice golden glow instead of a Lisa Simpson glow, it smells nice and it dries fast! Definitely the best on the market…the supermarket that is. I think I may have mentioned this before? Oh who cares, I’m telling you again because its good OK?



G041259 Terracotta new light pourdre bronzante



More bronze shizz and it dun come cheap! This, my friends, is by the French house Guerlain and it is their Terrecotta Bronzer which has become a bit of a cult beauty product amongst those in the know. And I’m in the know. It cost $85 (!) but I bought it in October and have used it everyday and I still can’t see the silver – if you know what I mean. It is worth every dang penny because it makes you look sensational.





This is the first time I have bleached or dyed my hair ever! Ok, I have put a box colour on from time to time to hide the three errant greys but it washed out two days later.  This time actual bleach was applied. I am legit! Anyway, since I dyed my hair in the summer and am a water baby, a lot of it faded after all the chlorine and salt water. I highly recommend Fudge Paint Box as it literally does what it says on the can or in this case, tube. This in only one of my colours, there are four mixed to make this baby and I’m not giving you the recipe because I feel half of my appeal is maintaining an air of mystery. (I just can’t remember)




Still on hair, I snapped this picture in my bathroom of my fave Evo styling products.  The Mister Fantastic makes styling WAY more easier by allowing texture in freshly washed hair and the Love Touch makes your hurrr shiiiiiiine like a brand new penny! I absolutely love Evo products. They are quirky and quality and quick! The Queen of haircare! QQQQQQQ





Lez talk nailz. I no longer sport acrylics! I know I know, but they had to come to an end eventually. Instead I rock a very short, blunt nail in vivid colours. This time I chose this Esse number in ‘bikini so teeny’ because I base nail varnish purchases 50% on the name and the other half on the colour. Also, it goes great with red, don’t ya think?



Enjoy your summer!


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  1. Check out Special Effects hair colour, it lasts 100x longer than Fudge and comes in awesome colours. Only let down is how hard it can be to get but seriously, I went from having to touch up my pink every week to once a month, it’s AMAZING!

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