NEW KICKS – They are so shiny, and clean and you have a million outfit possibilities going on in your head and your day is instantly brighter.

THEMED CUPCAKES – I HATE themed parties but I LOVE themed cupcakes. It’s just genius, plus it’s an entire little cake just for one single individual. It’s almost too good to eat…almost.

PARTY PLANNING WITH FRIENDS – It is one of the biggest bonding exercises there is. Check out how much we have bonded when you get on down to the Owl for Haiti party on the 27Th, for all you West Coast Australians :)

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE? – Or as I call it, ‘SO YOU RECKON YOU CAN PRANCE?’ – the judges, the outfits, the mock crying, Natalie Bassingthwaite’s desperate attempts to be like Cat Deeley whilst pretending she’s not in it to promote her new dreadful album etc etc it’s just pure TACKtacular!

WHEN YOU ACTUALLY RECEIVE SOME WANTED ATTENTION – Like when a friend you have a mini crush on compliments you, or a hottie gives you the wink. It does to your self esteem what Purex Fabric Softener does to your pj’s.

BODY CONTOURING UNDERWEAR – It shaves inches off. Hey you skinny bitches…don’t judge.

It’s the little things…x


  1. that is the best god damncupcake i have seen! and i love you mis croucher, i miss you terrably and i wish we could have caught up more when i was there, doesnt feel like we had enough time for our catch up – looking forward to the next time xoxoxox

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